The Beauty And The Stupid!

Since the last couple of months, there have been vigorous weekends full of rehearsals and practice and being wicked and fooling around with each other. And I have a feeling, that since it’s the end, if we check our director’s hair colour, it must have turned grey.

We were pretty excited about the play tonight, and I really think it went off quite well too. Despite all the messing around and the goof ups. Since it’s set in the 19th century or even earlier, the play required us to wear those fancy gowns and not only were they itchy, but we also had to put on wigs which made us look worse than judges from the law court. Obviously, we protested. And we also realised how much we love our hair.

The men looked quite good too, with all the ruffles shirts, like the ones Ron wore at the Yule Ball. I spoke my long dialogue twice. But I don’t think anybody understood. At least I tried giving it a different articulation and expression both times 😛 It was hilarious towards the end, when Beauty killed the Prince with a fork and not an axe because there wasn’t one on the stage.

When the father left for his voyage, his suitcase was missing on stage. And he quickly made up his dialogues by saying, “No problem, I’ll do without a suitcase.” Which made me laugh.

There were a ton of other nonsensical parts. The best was when at the end we introduced all the characters, and the director’s like “Ludovic, WHAT were you doing man!?”

I’m going to miss going for rehearsals. So Avisek, please, new production QUICK! And I swear I won’t screw up this time, and will be awesomer! And I don’t want to be a wicked little sister again!

x EdgyShark x


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  1. naaaaaaiccceee..!!! 🙂
    from me, tamoghno, rahul.

  2. may be i’m new here….but would love to know more ……cause this is the first blog of an actor i’m reading…….and i love watching movies and would love to see plays too……

    • Well keep reading on! And you could just click the Movie tag on the right side of the toolbar on this blog and read up on a number of movies too 🙂

  3. lolzzz loved those non sensical dialogues in between… it happens all the time 😛

  4. Happened to me also..! A good one !

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