I’m Off Facebook

I finally did it. And it doesn’t feel like I died unlike popular theory.

Although, when I went snooping that one time, I found out that my profile is still accessible to people, but here’s the scoop: I’m not officially on that Zuckerberg madness anymore and this realm is just as awesome anyway. And it’s all for the greater good. Or not. I’m getting claustrophobic with so many people around. I just want to go back and sit in the lap of nature for some years and look at the sunset on the white beach.

If you want to do that with me, you’re welcome. No Prada shoes allowed though.

x EdgyShark x

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Posted on February 18, 2010, in Existence. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. You’ve come out of the Dark Side. Good for you.

    Now pray for us – those who’re still entangled in that quagmire of Facebook, Perfspot, Orkut, WAYN, Netlog, Minglebox, MySpace and the gazillion other interwebs (strike off Twitter though: I feed on it ;)), and hope that we pull out too, before we’re consumed by our bloated senses of self-importance and whiny exhibitionism.

  2. So its possible then!!Congrats on doing something i thought was totally impossible.
    But wait untill your inbox starts getting flooded by friend requests again(thanx to a little something called ‘facebook friend finder’).

  3. Brave. I am there because Bill Bryson updates every once in a while and it’s just easier to access. menwhopause too : )

  4. Glad you pulled the plug too 😀

  5. I miss you. 😛


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