80’s Rock n Roll

There’s nothing better than doing a little soul searching on your own, alone.

She was wearing this loose grey t-shirt that read 80s Rock n Roll, black cigarette jeans and her Nike shoes. She had some time on her hands. Music plugged in her ears, she shut the rest of the world out, swaying her hips and dancing to her tunes, not caring about whatever was going on around her. She walked into the confectionery, and bought herself an iced tea. Sipping, walking, listening to music.

The empty roads felt so good, she felt even greater. A sense of achievement without anything being done actually. Her bangs flipping on her forehead once in a while, the soft evening breeze doing its rounds on her cheekbones.

x EdgyShark x


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Posted on February 26, 2010, in Existence and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Morrison was right: Music is your only friend, until the end.

  2. I just realized why I love your writing/blog so much. You’re so true to yourself, your writing. Your blog’s like a superfun magazine. Everyday it comes up with a new idea, a new colour. You write about everything under the Sun, so it’s fun to keep reading your blogs. Infact, when I often have nothing better do I sit and wonder.. What will your next blog be about? 😛

  3. Ah! I LOVE this post! Awesome. I do the same thing sometimes. Okay, not the same, but similar.
    I will be back…

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