How To Choose …

  • A career
  • A bra
  • A microwave oven
  • A laptop
  • A life partner
  • A company name

I do this often when I’m chilling out with my laptop and want the world to just shut itself up. Today, I realised the humour I was trying to seek. These mentioned above were some of the highest chosen results on Google for “How To Choose ..”

A career, I understand, you can find a number of aptitude tests and things like that that make your mind go whizz and can occupy you for a couple of hours, looking at different options, jumping from website to website, going through brochures, getting excited looking at interesting institutions.

A bra? At first sounded funny, but then I came to terms with the fact that well, hello, you can check out different types and kinds and colours and well, you get the point. But even then, why would you want to choose a bra online is really weird. Unless they don’t have a Victoria’s Secret outlet in your country.

A microwave oven. A laptop. Not encroaching there.

A Life Partner?!!!! Hahahaha! Couldn’t stop laughing at that one, but seems like there are about 42 million people out there who’re desperately clawing on their own nails and typing this out on the text box of a search engine, than actually going out there and trying to look for someone!

As for a company name, if you want something hip and funky, come to me.

x EdgyShark x

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  1. Flip a unbiased coin 😀

  2. My favorite would be the tag “Where is…”

    Where is Haiti
    Where is God

    Where is Chuck Norris…:D

    How I laughed.

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