The Vicar of Pebbleswick

D said, and I quote, “Since my life is so boring, i must live it vicariously through other people’s.” Excellent D, you gave me some material to thought flow.

Aren’t we all living vicariously? Wait, I know, I’m not all the time. But I know you are. And if you just stop in your tracks to rethink your situation, you’ll understand when to stop and start being yourself again. We’re all living life through someone else’s eyes, believing what’s going on around us instead of believing ourselves and yet, at the same time trying to be pristine individuals with narcissistic ideals. And even though that sounds like a bad thing, it’s really not.

Because I might enjoy watching Gossip Girl, but I don’t like being part of a scandal. And I don’t trap myself into one, that’s other people’s job. But at the end of it, I need to wash my hands alone, and I know no one’s going to help me get the dried blood off.

But you should know, that if I want to kill someone, I will. And you can do nothing to stop me.

x EdgyShark x

P.S I’m not a murderer but you can be an analogy-comprehender. Good luck!


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  1. You have a way with pictures, don’t you?

  2. There are 4 kinds of Homicide: felonious, excusable, justifiable, and praiseworthy.

  3. Good stuff. Think of all your ex-es reading this page.:P

    p.s.: Is that graphic from a Neil Gaiman inspired story? Or from one of his creations?

    • What would happen to them if they read? Sorry, I’m a little drunk on some old rum right now.

      Tim Burton. Tim Burton (:

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