To Shoot Blasphemy In The Head

I’ve always been resisting being part of a religion. If people ask me questions related to the subject, I simply nod my head and tell them I don’t belong to any. And all this while I was under the impression that it was suiting my needs, and such an answer would be relevant to avoiding further nonsense.

Till today. Today, my French professor said something that really made me think. He said, “Just because you say that you are not part of a religion, does not really absolve the problem around you.”

You know, in a way, that’s right. Unless one tries to become superior in a way that the world understands the need for no religion, a revolution could take place. But then again, that’s another form of dictatorship, isn’t it? Be it bad, or good.

So I’m not part of a religion. Only because of the violence that it creates, and its incomprehensible values and morals that people mistook according to their own whims. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t respect those who are, right? Because others might be following principles that are in contradiction to my own, but who am I to establish myself as a higher property of the planet?

Like I said, nothing’s wrong. There are things that are right, and others that are just not as right. But you can make them right.

And the question still stands: How do we wish to create uniformity in our thinking? Because that I know for sure, is never going to happen. But will you be happy for me if I do something unconventional? Because I know, I will be ready to accept your decisions with arms wide open.

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  1. To delve further into the question you seek to explore, one has to understand that religion is rationally put, a form of social communal concept. It seeks to control and collaborate amongst its followers. But rational thought does not play out the entire story.

    One has to understand that there will always be diverse views for all kinds of things, right from homosexuality to political ideology. What’s important is to encourage a culture of live and let live, one of agreeing to disagree. And THAT is a religion that CAN be universal.

  2. liked ur ideas .

    • Thanks, I liked yours too 🙂

      • thank i too.
        here’s something good for the guys and gals like you (&me too),
        who question and doubt,
        and then maybe propound (only reasonable ones !!) .-

        “Men are better than their theologies.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

        anyway keep up your write-ups.

  3. One thing that is so obviously great about human beings- whether good or bad, religious or not- is that they always have an opinion. But the debate is not whether we need to have opinions on religious ideologies and system but whether we have an option of having an opinion about God ; cause then we will be in dark about this very faculty of having opinions with regard to its source, origin, etc.
    And believe me atheism and religion may go hand in hand. Quite unconventional (and may be wrong is what u r thinking) it may seem, but true to my observations and many others both heavenly and earthly.
    To illustrate it i need ur help. pour down through the pages of history and see the apparently paradoxical case of any religion you may wish.
    at the end of the day there are so many people talking about god and hence we have such a good amount of opinions and ideas at our disposal. But doesn’t ur intuition and reason tell u that all cannot be correct at the same time (cause there is only one reality ) and hence we need to seive out the true one. But that’s whacky!! But did anyone say that we cannot do whacky things??

    another thing is right and wrong( to hell with this binary universe after that puzzling true and false!! !!) . what about that? I mean how do you separate these two useless entities?
    Once a reverend Father told me that man cannot know by his own estimation the difference between virtue and vice. and at that i thanked him for it freed me of all my horrible sins. but then my dirty conscience would not spare me. it made me think. zzz–zzzz–zz

    To illustrate, how the hell i know that stealing is wrong except from the lessons of my mom??? I mean is there any logical reason against it? Dont they say that he is not a cheater who doesn’t get caught. and do read about the satanists !!!

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