The Theory Of Reverse Conceptualization

Please note: This post is copyright protected. Any person found misusing the material will be sued and will have to hear an ear out from me. I will also haunt them after my death. Unless of course you’re ready to recruit yourself to my religion and promise minion loyalty. This is just a preview to the real thing.

Do you know the story of Benjamin Button and how he reversed in age, growing younger and then dying a child? You’ve already done whatever you had to in your life. Believe that you’ve accomplished everything that you wanted to. And then move towards a sphere of achieving those goals. If you know you’ve done it, there’s nothing to stop you from focusing those thoughts in the mentioned direction.

It’s like you slowly reach a break-even point where both sides of your growth and development converge to form your physical well being. You’ve done what you had to do, and you have to do it too.

Do you know about the Quantum Theory? If you fire a bullet, it’s going to move in the same direction and nowhere else. You can determine exactly where it’s going to hit.

Yet, this plays on the lines of karma.

Now I know where I’m headed. I don’t know, this might sound confunding. But that’s where lies the difference between you and me. I have the exclusive conversations that boggle my mind and leave me brain washed. At least I’m trying to convince you. I need to convince myself a little more first.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. I’m so proud of you. And sheesh, you used to compare my stupid status updates to THIS? You’re a crazy Shark.

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