To Spain, And Ferrrr(ari)ocious Driving

I had Fernando Alonso’s tiny photograph in the middle of my math textbook the year mom and dad went to Turkey. I think that was the year he made his debut on the tracks. And I didn’t give a damn if people made fun of me, I still liked the Blue Spaniard.

Subsequently though, I lost interest and the focus shifted elsewhere. Like last year, it was all about Massa and Mc Laren Mercedes. Alongwith with that little tinge of love left for Alonso which I got over. But he’s BACK! And he so handsomely won the Bahrain GP today. All I wish now is for myself  to become an F1 driver in the next five years and stand there on the podium with champagne spilling everywhere. Maybe getting drenched in the alcohol with Alonso standing next to me and booing whoever I hate on TV.

I am so excited about this season, and I’ve made a promise to my self to follow it religiously this time. Ferrari and Alonso. And I’m not moving anywhere else on F1 weekends. I have a feeling, football’s going to come back to me soon too.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. yeahhhhhh it’s the good stuff. I am so thrilled too! Booked for weekends!

    Psst, of course, the folks are more keen on the darn IPL.

  2. Getting drunk with Alonso ? I could only imagine half naked environment protesters doing that, till now.

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