Taxes, Shmaxes

If someone asked me what taxes meant to me, I wouldn’t know because apparently, I’m still not a legit citizen of this country and I’m not earning, so I don’t need to pay them. But it’s not like I don’t know the economics of the situation.

I was walking through some dirty areas of the city some time back, not there are a lack of those, and as I looked around, I thought that the situation would get better for all those people who were living so filthy and with such meager amounts of the most necessary of necessities. It’s been many years as I still go through the same places and now I can comprehend better that we might be paying for the betterment and welfare of society as such in the form of taxes, but it’s all going into the pot bellies of power hungry, and ridiculously ignorant human beings that we are forced to be represented by.

You still can’t blame me for them, because I cannot yet vote.

So in a way, it’s like we’re all simply paying up large amounts of money to throw secret booze parties for these people. Honestly, I could save up the money and do with buying clothes of my own. Wouldn’t one rather give in kind and perk up the circumstance than throw in more money than our mint can make and watch it go ‘waste’?

Yet, we are part of an honorable country.

No, we don’t only talk, we do as well. Yes, we have social service units to help the poor, the disabled, and the needy. We visit orphans and old people and try and help them in whatever way we can. And this is all done out of sentiment and feeling, and not because of an excessive need to show off to other developed countries that “We’re cool like that too.”

Really then, what is the point in donating money unless it’s done to improve infrastructural needs? Because it’s been years and years, and we stand in a worse position than at the time of the advent of British rule. At least then the rampant poverty prevailing could have been justified, so some sixty years later, are we going to sit around and watch them give the same excuses and embarrass ourselves completely?

Yet, we are part of an honorable country.

So what is to be done you‘re asking me? I’m only seventeen, even if I do suggest something super smart you’re not even going to listen. And you’re telling us that giving taxes helps donations in our country. Alright, maybe it helps a couple of them, just for the kicks perhaps. And what still happens of the other million units trying to help people live better? Because today, even if one man in the country does not have sufficient basic resources to live with, efforts are in vain.

Why pay taxes if you can directly give to charity? In any case half the people evade paying up on time, despite being the richest of the rich. We don’t need such people. If you don’t want to help, just don’t. At least don’t waste others’ time in the process.

Because those who have to, will. And those who don’t want to are never going to. At least this way one knows where the money is going? Because really, I’m not going to slave and work hard and earn and then end up paying for goodness knows what. Why can’t we have a system where the government lines up a list of major and minor institutions that help people and causes and then whoever wants can assign themselves and pay a certain amount in installments to help them? Works out well both ways, much like business firms following the concept of social responsibility. People have ethics too. At first it might seem like no one would sign up for a plan like this, but there are still many of us left who’d like to see our country in a much better place.

And maybe, just maybe, it would work out.

And, yet, we are part of an honorable country.

x EdgyShark x

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  1. excellent.
    i wish i could reproduce this on a sat essay

  2. Awesome. Seems like you’re a tiny bit inspired by Shakespeare. (‘honourable’)?

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