Math, I Hate You Too

Okay, I understand that there still are many people in this world that love you. But I for one, cannot understand what you’re made of.

Saying “You don’t let me do you” or “I just can’t do you however hard I try!” is going to spring misconstrued innuendos in your minds, I know what a weird bunch of people you are. Yet, you get the point, the war between math and me is of greater significance as to what perhaps Winston Churchill ever felt for his country.

So I’ll just go and groove to Justin’s Carry Out. And NJ, you continue studying it. I hate how you probably smile when you look at a problem. Disgusting. These math book writers should go and find girlfriends or something. Yuhuck.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Hahaha..Hilarious. But uh, hello. I do smile during math classes but that’s because of Miss Look Me In The Eye. 😛

    P.s.- Let me tutor you. You probably will still hate math, but you’ll never be able to forget my, err, wittiness with math books. 😉

  2. I’m going to bribe with amazing cake + Gossip Girl + Chinese cuisine for dinner. Haha. Oh, and a beer too. 😀

  3. Math is like love — a simple idea but it can get complicated.

  4. Hi there, can understand ur predicament when it comes to math..Have face exactly the same set of functional problems, so much that the probability of me becoming good at it became incrementally small; in fact, the ratio of problems solved/problems unsolved was like 1:4 🙂
    the only interesting problem that I ever felt nice bout was the monty hall problem showcased in movie ’21’.. Hail movies 🙂

  5. math writers should get a girlfriend……….. 🙂

    girl, they wish they had….and if any case they do they wouldn’t have landed as a math writer……..

    but lets show some sympathy to the geeky guys……its cause of them….the world works…..

    this was a really nice……


  6. Sourabh Biswas

    Engineering sees you getting hammered relentlessly by this very subject. Umpteen nightmares have scared me shitless at nights, involving some monstrous theorems gobbling me up etc etc.

    btw, do check out my take too. 🙂

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