You’re So Ludicrous

It’s funny how people just can’t seem to be real these days. I know, it can be hard, but sometimes, being what you are and nothing more, can be all you’ve got.

We’re made up of multiple layers; of egoism, different personalities, ridiculousness, yada yada. We have a number of images that we reflect out, sometimes something, some other time, something else. Why can’t people just be what they are? Wouldn’t everything just be so much easier then? Why bother even trying to prove a point and be someone that you’re not?

You’re going to take all that trouble to create this uber cool new character for yourself, and finally end up getting dumped by others anyway. It’s so funny, you’ve got the biggest possession you ever could – yourself, and even then you go and try and create something out of it that doesn’t suit you at all.

You can try and pretend that you’re ethereal, surreal, irreal, irrelevant, insignificant, aural, atrial, whatever. In the end, after everything dies, you are what you are underneath. And it’s better that that comes out now.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Pankaj Upadhyay

    Well, I agree with you and we all carry more than one faces. Remember the Ravana from the Hindu mythology. Sometimes, I wonder how he was able to manage his 10 heads. I had written a two liner on the same.

    “इन दस सरो का बोझ अब उठता नही है,

    काश, कोई राम आये और मेरी भी नाभि फ़ोड दे……”

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