The Cross

It’s a good thought, Syd.

If Jesus was crucified on the cross then he probably hated that symbol so much. And I’m sure it was the last thing he’d have wanted to ever see. Then why do Christians wear the cross around their neck or pray to it? Aren’t they proving their own beliefs wrong by doing so?

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  1. It is a constant reminder to Christians, for all the suffering he endured for the sake of mankind, perhaps. 🙂

  2. The cross is the Horrible Symbol also it was used to punish the hardcore criminals of the 1st century Roman empire in the palestine.Eventhough Jesus didn’t do any sin he was punished by the Roman Empire being accused,alleged of claiming as a King of the Jews.The jews hated Jesus Christ and the Roman empire eventhough didn’t get sufficient evidence to punish Jesus,because of the pressures of Jews they had to crucify christ on the cross.But Biblically this crucifixion was preplanned in the eternity past by the Divine Destiny.The crucifixion occured for the slavation,redemption of mankinds slavery to the sin.
    The cross eventhough forbidden and a cursed symbol got its value by the adherence of christ sacrificial death on it.Likewise the sinfulman life will be changed by adhereing to christ or believing in Christ.For more information
    Visit the following link:

  3. The pagan religions that preceded Christianity worshiped the Cross. The Christians have absorbed this tradition.

  4. Nice thought …. u caught me by surprise : )… good one …!!!

  5. jesus wasn,t crucified (- courtesy BIBLE). and anyway he didnt ask anyone to sport crosses or use them as they are used..

  6. Hi thr,
    The cross worshiping is not the only thing thats weird about Christianity, there are loads and loads of stuff. Same goes for other religions, when we start having thoughts or start asking questions like these it leads to a certain level of enlightenment 🙂 we are called free thinkers.
    Now this is a growing minority and thats why we still have a lot of weirdness when it comes to faith, religion, god…..

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