The Bo(ard)red Year Again

This is how I consoled myself. By writing the following down on the last school diary I’ll ever receive from this torturous hell hole:

Colour My Life With The Chaos Of Trouble

  • Procrastination should be in negation. You only get two to three excuses, which in itself is an excuse.
  • Tu as le coeur du votre parrain; du créateur ultime. Alors, tout le fois tu te sens mal, il est un coup de fil. Il rest dans ton coeur.
  • Reluctance and or hesitance is not a part of our vocabulary. We only appreciate taking risks.
  • When you play the trump card on the above mentioned, remember you fly with your hotdog, you do not fall.
  • Your senses are a crucial part of every class, talk, lecture. Utilize all five well.
  • Releasing tears often helps with an intake of oxygen.
  • Your thought process should be inundated, kept on the brim, not on the surface, as and when whatever is required.
  • It cannot be called a web unless you spin one.
  • You are definitely NOT what you think they think you are. You are what you know, and that is all.
  • Hydrogen dioxide is the key to keeping your eyes and ears open and alert.
  • Whatever happens, if you fail Java again, you fail trying to be smart to yourself.
  • It’s all just a farce, the real world awaits. If you think that way, remember, even the silliest farce can be overcome with such less effort.
  • Because you’re worth it.

x EdgyShark x


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