Anything But The Butt!

This is some exciting information for all you women out there. Or not!

It just so happens, that if a guy asks you to walk in front of him, especially if you’re walking up the marble staircase, it doesn’t mean that he’s being chivalrous!

Sure, chivalry might not be dead. But the next time your man opens a door for you, or asks you to walk in front on the road, it’s not because he doesn’t want you to die because of that speeding maniac, it’s because he wants to look at … YOUR BUTT!!!

(This is the point where you go “Oooooh!”)

x EdgyShark x


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Posted on April 18, 2010, in Existence and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. Profound Wisdom, I wonder who teaches you these things ;P !!!

  2. All you girls who think guys looking at your butt is gross, may god give you two balls which keep secreting testosterone 24/7/365 😉

  3. Being a guy, I say that is 60 percent true. the rest 40 is pure chivalry!

  4. what makes you believe that it’s always true?!

  5. Your observation is interesting but that cannot be generalized.

  6. Touche’……… hit the nail on the head. Being a man, I can relate to it 😉

  7. So if he walk in front of you, he’s patronizing?
    And by the side, he’s trying to ask you for your number?
    And back, he’s leching?

    Man…this is Cruel.

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