The Raman Effect

I had the best flight journey yesterday. Right from annoying and tormenting my sister for three hours on a plane to cracking the worst and lamest of all jokes, everyone else probably thought that we’d lost it. My cousin renamed my CV as CV Raman on the desktop on my laptop, and it really doesn’t sound as amusing now, but the people on the flight thought that we’d throw up our guts out.

Mumbai is a great city, just reaching it feels like “Finally, there’s something happening somewhere!” At least a better change than Calcutta. We even went striking cars where the three of us banged up other people. As bad as that sounds, I only mean by bumping the cars into their cars. Whatever.

Spaghetti Kitchen after, great dinner. Write later, we’re still waiting for some major action to take place 😀

x EdgyShark x


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  1. I like only the town area in Bombay. Otherwise I just don’t get how people enjoy that shithole and sing about it.

  2. your posts are something different to be read. I’ll do visit again…

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