The Unnecessary City

I can’t believe I’m back slogging in the routine. But at least there are some things that I missed about Calcutta. Stuff like, the familiar roads and the people that I hate/like so much.

I missed the radio stations and the amazingly great songs that they play here. Mumbai’s music sucks except till the night clubs. Even then .. !

I missed Cakes and Kookie Jar. So I gulped down two veg puffs right after school. And the cute-ish guy that works there. He totally has a thing for me. I missed meeting Vidhi and Varnika and Vrinda and the rest of them kids that squeal so much and eat my head up all time and then end up making me feel so good!

What else, what else. I don’t know. Feeling like crap about living here and then thinking about how to make changes. Barista.

Making the most unnerving of plans.

I don’t think I missed much.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Cakes and Kookie Jar really is good. i miss that too.
    Cheers to Calcutta.

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