The Third Degree

Where do you begin differentiating between being cold and being strong?

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  1. A good question – I think the terms are relative.

  2. When nothing is left for you to do except maybe differentiate or cry. But then you know that crying is of no use and so you go for the other option.
    When you expected and dreamt but in the end you lost it.And you know your strength cannot help you and your heart aches and the soul pines in the cold circumstances. The strong spirit of yesterday feels numb and cold and prays to God to give him shelter and blankets but he gets an envelope of the wind.
    When you know this is the end of light after having used every possible fuel to illuminate your days.
    When you have toiled all the way to the Gangotri to touch the first waters ;but you find yourself dead, with it in front of your eyes ,a few steps away.
    (In better days i would have thought it fit to differentiate after i had mixed the two.) 😦

  3. Cold would mean implicit resistance to emotion.
    Being strong would be developing a resistance.

  4. abstractshadows

    Being cold would be to thwart all your emotions and take every situation by its throat.
    Being strong is the idea of harnessing all your emotions at one place and delivering a powerful approach, not misleaded but guided by the sincerity of your emotions.

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