Mar Efficiency.. What, Corruption?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about what the effects of the above statement might be; positive yet endowed with hints and elements of negativity. Today Manmohan Singh can be rightfully deemed to be as efficient as Afzal Guru, the man who was indeed corrupt, wicked and willing to act dishonestly, and whatever the outcome may have been, the both of them have been as efficient in creating havoc in the Parliament in their own ways.

Of course corruption doesn’t mar efficiency, it only helps it get better. Isn’t corruption and bribery along the equivalent of an incentive to complete a piece of work, however dirty it might be, “efficiently”?

Dostoevksy’s Crime and Punishment describes a young, poverty stricken man who’s morals turned ugly with the growing hunger to own life’s materialistic pursuits. And so he goes, equipped with an axe, to finish off an old lady and in the process, acquire all her wealth within a matter of minutes.

A clean act, very efficiently done; and that is all that matters. Whether or not he later lost his conscience because of the insanity that swept over by looking at the blood stricken gold is a different story. But nothing came in the way of his corrupt doings and how efficiently the murder was committed.

Whether it’s the Indian government, the Russian mafia or just a low paid man working his hands at the school printer; there will be strikes, there will be murders, there will be attacks and there will be leaks of examination papers, and that too, with great efficiency if the above mentioned are well corrupt with abominable green threats.

And no amount of stream of consciousness is going to mar it.

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  1. This is shows why force of entropy is quite universal. It works even in our minds and consciousness.
    After all u cannot wipe out evil without wiping out good.

  2. Very well written. I agree with you a 100% !

  3. “The worst thing about corruption as a system of governance is that it works so well.”
    – Gregory David Roberts in Shantaram
    Well said, Urmika.
    As long as corruption and efficiency strike a balance wherein the job is done, fat men get fatter, but none or at the least, very few are actually harmed with the way things are run, such a ‘mild’ dose of corruption may not be too bad as long as the country runs smoothly enough.
    But of course, lines need to be drawn, not legally, of course (those are already drawn and constantly crossed), but in the conscience of the corrupt individuals.

    Hope your speech went well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi, good to see your blog & your interest in the nation, politics & issues like corruption. I had been to Freedom Park, Bangalore to support the Anna Hazare team recently. I have shared my experience on my blog . Do have a look. The same is shared on IndiBlogger also at ๐Ÿ™‚ Puneet

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