The soles of your feet are one of the prime aspects of your being, aren’t they? If not for them, you wouldn’t be able to grace your presence on this heavenly abode. If not for them, you wouldn’t have been able to walk through the sands of time, if not for them, you’d have nothing to fall back on.

It’s the friction that makes your life dynamic.

Your feet. They touch the ground and bring you into contact with the inner confines of the planet; they help you connect with the supreme tangible element of the universe, the soil, the earth. There is no God but within yourself, and the sooner you bring yourself to believe that, the better it will be.

I find it funny, almost ironic when people say “Why are you touching your feet to that book?” Of course, not on purpose, accidentally. Today, it gave me some food for thought when an irate classmate went quite haughtily “You’re touching my bag with your feet.” I apologized for no reason, and mentioned that it wasn’t done deliberately.

Yet, that got me thinking. Why is it that people do not like when you touch your feet to something? It’s merely because they feel that the feet are the dirtiest and most unclean parts of a person’s body. Figure something, what if you changed your perspective? Nothing’s wrong, yet there’s a great deal that’s grey.

There’s no propagation present here, if there is, then it’s merely your thought process and not my influence. It’s not wrong to touch your feet to something without knowing. It doesn’t matter. Books are knowledge, I agree, but they’re only coming in contact with the other most important entity that’s giving you a connection to the tinted universe.

Feet are the most beautiful part of your body, and a little respect is the least they deserve. It’s the scraped and most worked up things in life that make it worth living. Those wrinkles and skin coloured scars just make them worth admiring even more.

Like the ripples of a wave, they soften at the touch of prolonged water.

So tough, yet so sensitive.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Hi Swetheart!

    Every little piece that you create has so much meaning and depth…sometimes you make me wonder that my little girl has grown into a lady now and is so close to thoughts we adults are yet to figure out…I am amazed to see such excellent skills in you dear. May God always guide you and help you to prosper in your talents and help you to achieve all that you have ever dreamed and desired for.

    Love always!

  2. You know I like this! 🙂

  3. AWESOME! This post. I like!

  4. hey u write a gret deal…u array words so perfectly…apt to be called a perfect post…


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    provide your feedback and do promote it if you like it…

  5. Its strange that we’r always told to have ‘our feet firmly planted on the ground’.They make us believe in existence.But if we can make our dreams fly,cant our feet follow? 🙂
    This is amazing to say the least.:)

    Lots of love!

  6. being flat footed, i usually have more of my feet firmly planted on the ground than most. but being an airhead on the other hand doesn’t help.
    a child’s first sensation is touch. but as we grow up, i suppose we take it more and more for granted and become partial to the other senses. pity.
    loved your perspective…..

  7. Very Interesting thought …

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