Whacked Out Foresight

Till sometime back, I was feeling inclined towards the entire political line as a career. I don’t know why, but I felt as if I was the one who had been bestowed with the ability to handle this country. I had every intention to leave things behind, join the Indian National Congress, and try and do something. I might as well have made the best and shortest politician that the country would have had. And then, an epiphany.

I realized, that getting into the field would have required me to give up on all material wants of life – Starting with high end fashion. But then politicians abroad wear Gucci and Prada, don’t they? I would have to fit into my own country, and I’m only about having a hard time speaking the language properly. That shouldn’t be a problem though, should it? Because politicians today are anyway human forms of blood sucking leeches who harp on the state coffers and drink up wealth like fish drink water.

Instead of having a mansion and twenty cars, I could still have my designer clothing and hot shoes, perhaps?

I would have to give up on my future family and fight for the damn country. I can do that at a model UN conference, but I have a feeling that in my lifetime, I’ve instigated a number of people belonging to all walks of life, and would not really be able to win as many votes either. If I want to handle the drama and the press, I might as well be a celebrity by taking my musical career forward. There’ll be enough fans then, and I can preach whatever the hell I want, without having to worry about anyone listening (or not listening) to me, but at least I’d know they’ll be humming my lyrics, however pop stricken they might be.

And I’d still get to wear all my shoes. Because you kind of have to compromise on your pair of Charles & Keith’s with simple flats under a plain saree if you’re a politician; something I’d have to adorn because otherwise my country would brand me as an alien from sdlkfhwektwgbs.

x EdgyShark x

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