Sisterhood of Travelling Blasts

I have the worst headache in the history of headaches, or so I think. Except, well, now I feel like it’s some kind of a hangover, but I didn’t even drink anything last night. At least I should have, and then it could have been justified.

But I think I know what I have.

It’s called. “I miss my sisters and all the fun we had” syndrome.

L-R: Vanessa, Blair, Jenny, Serena

I’m hungover from all the amazing times we shared last week.

Here’s to all the past-present-future Gossip Girl blasts, to Kamil and Bush’s shaky future (:P), to the dancing and the wild music (On & On & On & On!), the fun, the late nights and staying awake talking, the punching and hitting each other, the tears, the random crazy sentences, the “Im gonna miss you’s!”, the boots, the beers, the “DO NOT LET ME TOUCH THE HOOKAH” and there you go with a puff(!), the fainting and the feeling dizzy ( I think it was all the attention we were receiving from the other species šŸ˜› ), the bitching and the all the glamour.

I love you girls so much and I don’t care how much we might kill each other, but we’ve got to spend some time living together !

x EdgyShark x


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  1. I love you ā¤

  2. oh well aren’t are girl friends amazing…some memories never fade… šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  3. Love ya too. There’s a J blast in the waiting.
    And so are the pens.

  4. Kamil and Bush’s shaky future?!?!? NO NO NO!
    how did i miss that?!?!
    EWWWW!!! hahahah!

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