Good Karma Gets You Free Pizza

The pizza guy thinks he can mess with me?

Well, not anymore.

After some fifteen minutes of yelling on the phone and letting him understand that “the customer is always right” is the one golden rule of carrying out a service, he obliged to begin listening to my side of the story. It’s true. If you keep staring at the chics that visit your pizza parlour, you’re going to end up giving the wrong box to your customers. I ordered a double cheese burst crust and I think I can tell the difference between that and a thin crust hand tossed pizza better than I can spell out the first chapter of my Economics textbook.

I ate the thin crust anyway, retained one slice and threw it on the counter the next day for him to see. “Yeah, I was the girl yelling at you on the phone last night.” As I stood there getting fidgety with my cellphone, a bunch of them huddled behind the counter to examine the half broken box and slice from last night. One sniffed it, the other tore it apart to check whether cheese dripped from inside or not. Of course it didn’t. Another looked at me, and I responded by rolling my eyes fairly too well for him to turn around and stop twiddling his thumbs.

“A new large double cheese burst pizza will be right with you in ten minutes as a compensation maam”, finally they said after all that unnecessary conviction.

And that just about covered my subsequent lunch, dinner and one slice for this morning’s breakfast.

x EdgyShark x



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  1. Awesome.! 🙂

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