God Is An Entrepreneur

Did you know that long ago, somewhere on the same land that you now tread on, a bunch of rivals got together and decided to create something new, and give something to people? One man stated a theory, another based the same in his language, and a third went on to become a legend like the rest of them.

What they did was simple. Preach a theory to the lesser educated, and create philosophical views and tales that gave people food for thought; because bread was a scarcity back then.

It was a task simple enough; they gave birth to words in the dictionary as we see them today. They made their own religion, profanity, faith and belief and got the rest of the population to follow what they wanted.

Their names were Jesus, Shiv, Allah and the likes.

A billion or more years later, another bunch of people began giving birth to a new kind of belief and faith. They gave rise to technology which slowly gripped the edges of the earth and encircled it through and through. They walked the streets and launched their products, and people willingly listened and bought without any reluctance.

Their names ranged far and wide from Bell and Ramanujan to Gates and Zuckerberg. They created widespread interest in a different kind of religion and at the same time so did others like Floyd and Gandhi.


You know why they created something of their own? Because they didn’t want to follow merely what was going on without giving it any thought. How can you claim that something someone created a zillion years ago, forms the basis of your existence today? Isn’t it your turn to voice your opinion and form your own chain of thought? You do not require an agreement in tandem with your thought process from one fourth of the society that you live in. What you want to create will be your own, and if you have the power and strength to go on with it, those who are not able to, will eventually follow your line of thought in this lifetime.

Motivate them to make something of their own except for rattling out words laid down in the scripts. Those texts are there to provide your mind with some feeder, not glue.

It’s up to you.

If they are Gods, so can you be one.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. i was reading a book on the thoughts of J Krishnamurthy, ” Freedom from the known” which has a similar theme. To follow your own way to greatness. Nice post. Cheers

  2. that was definitely food for thought…it really makes me wanna think..

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