Appetite For Hope – The Akshaya Patra Foundation

The sun is the supreme power of the universe; it keeps every object, whether living or not, alive. It has the strength to exuberate zeal in the greyest of skies, most withered blossoms, and can even put a smile on a child’s innocent countenance.

The intense vibrant rays of the sun have been known to act as fodder for man since times immemorial. Man walked the Earth because the sun invited him to come out of the shadows and play; it fed him, and helped him exist.

When the five Pandava brothers wandered the forests in exile, in search of substance to hush their pangs of lust for food, as well as for the holy sages around them, constant prayer brought them to the notice of Lord Surya, who then presented them with the Akshaya Patra or inexhaustible vessel of food.

Akshaya Patra


Rich with such cultural history, our past has taught us about the importance of providing life to other beings around us; helping the underprivileged before we help ourselves. Sometime ago, Madhu Pandit Dasa, (under the influence of Swami Prabhupada) a humble and simple hearted man, rose to the epiphany that if it were within his power, he would not let anyone, especially young children, go hungry.

It was this determination that has today helped to establish a successful mid-day meal program for underprivileged children across this vast nation of ours.

These young minds deserve the right to live as much as anyone else, and it all boils down to the satiation that they receive by consuming a few food grains at the end of the day. The Akshaya Patra Foundation was thus formed because of the brain child of someone so kind and loving; someone who was willing to spend his waking hours for the betterment of the greater good.

Today, the Foundation reaches out to around 1.2 million children on a daily basis- truly ‘inexhaustible’ only because of help and aid it achieves from far and wide, across the country in terms of its finances, employees, and love, care and assistance that it receives.

I urge you to take time out to think about how you could help to improve the health of small children, just by donating a meager amount, right here —> that would go towards filling their stomach. After all, even they have the right to live a happy life, and hope for a better tomorrow.

It is time to reach out to those who really need our help, and how better to do it than to do it through the reaches of Akshaya Patra, an organization dedicated towards the lives of the country’s future.

Because at the end of the day, you will notice, that if your heart is full, then you won’t really feel that hungry.

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  1. beautiful play of words. very well written.
    Pictorial presentation too is superb.


  3. This is very nice work. A great blog to such a noble cause. Keep it up 🙂

  4. The Unchained Killer

    Wonderfully explained and narrated. Liked the way you related it to our history 🙂
    All the best Urmika!

  5. Glad to see so many bloggers joining hands to feed the future souls of India!

  6. hey really nice way to support the cause.. love the outlay of ur website..

  7. Nice Blog about Akshaya Patra foundation commendable job! keep posting

  8. Hey! Quite nicely written….and yess as Shashi said ur page too is beautiful!

  9. really nice cause ….and very nicely put…

  10. Really excellent! An evergreen thought melded well into modern crisis…

  11. Wonderful Post, 🙂 Very well written. I admire your use of words.
    Came here from Indiblogger Surprise winners 🙂
    glad to follow you

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