Flyin’ High

I love airplanes. I think they’re one of man’s greatest inventions. Actually, I like the whole feel of being even close to an airport. The drive to the airport’s always fun, the entire atmosphere of an airport is so exciting, it gives me a sugar rush. Sometimes, when inside a craft, I wish I just stay there high in the air and keep enjoying the music on my laptop without any interference. (Except, I’ve never been on those crazy trans-continental flights, so I think I should stop wishing to be stuck in mid air!)

But then, I love it when people arrive, or I go somewhere else. And wander.

Have a happy touchdown.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Have you watched the movie ‘Up In The Air’ ?

  2. And I feel that its a very very big miracle that millions of pieces of a machine work in tandem, which eventually results in an event called ‘the’ flight…
    It is truly a hand of god sorts… 🙂

  3. You love flying? Meee tooo! Around 30 flights at last count, two of which were domestic. I have been on crazy trans-continental flights too, I was just 9 & travelling to USA with stopovers at Dubai & London. I was so jumpy & excited while going, & kinda sad & broken on the way back. Oh well, I got over it! 🙂
    PS. Did you click that photo? Not only is it awesome but I love the idea. I so wanna steal it. MUHAHAHA >:D

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