Where’s My Monkey?

Things I need, and FAST!

  • A DSLR so I can capture time with beauty and not just the random snazz digital cameras give. I have creativity, I need more substance 😛
  • A pretty Jap-Indo printed dress
  • Some Zing
  • Half an entrepreneurship project
  • Robert Downey Jr at my disposal
  • A photo mug coupon (Yes, I’m STILL stuck there!)
  • More Aldo
  • An accepted application to NLUD

P.S If you still didn’t get me anything for my birthday, you could recheck here, I’ve made it easy for you. 😉

Karma: Jenson Button for 2011 Championships!

Random Stranger #453: Why suddenly? You know  you can support Mark Webber if you want. I won’t tease you 😛
Karma: Because he’s so last season. He’s like… the clearance sales at Aldo. I want Jenson now 😀

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Jap-Indo printed dress, and Robert Downey Jr? Sure you can handle either? LOL.

  2. Hi Charmingfreak!,
    I just wanted to invite you to the indiblogger meet happening in your city after 2 years at
    DC-36, Sector – 1, Salt Lake City
    Kolkata – 700 064
    Landmark: Behind City Centre.
    Only 200 seats available. Entry is free with loads of fun. Click here to register = http://www.indiblogger.in/bloggermeet.php?id=113 . See you there!

  3. small puppy??? well a puppy by definition is a “juvenile dog”, so……. ok ok peace, since this blog is mainly aimed at being sarcastic, so…….anyways just stumbled here from indiblogger, kind of liked the offbeat style, so…….lastly, its going to be schumi with mercedes this year 🙂

  4. I am visiting your blog after what seems like ages! 🙂 Anywaym you mentioned Aldo. It is just a coincidence that I’ve giving away an Aldo Bow Hairband & some other stuff right now on my style blog http://style.magalic.com/2011/02/my-first-giveaway-open-worldwide.html
    Do enter if you like 😀

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