Bleeding Blue!

There’s so much positivity in India today!!

Apparently, there are a billion people in this country who would, if not for passing a law or attaining some kind of justice, happily bleed all their blood away to watch the cricket team bring home the World Cup.

What is it about this crazy sport that binds every Indian to the core and helps them meet eye to eye? Cricket surpasses everything in this country, even the things that otherwise boil the blood of every man living here and make him go violent; religion, competition, politics, survival – you name it and cricket any day weighs heavier on the scale.

It’s crazy, the spirit catches on. I’m happy to know that at least there are some things in life that remain common among a person’s roots. And despite people forgetting these values as they grow up, there are some more aesthetic things like cricket that join them back together and transform every Indian into each other’s kin as he was meant to be.

We’re actually bleeding blue for the royal spirit of humanity.

Even if for half a day, it’s amazing how people forget hatred; they forget all kinds of barriers conflicting their hearts that tear them away from each other; they forget about the differences of opinion and just let things be. People bring back their lost smiles.

And that’s what makes me happy.

x EdgyShark x

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  1. YEah, I totally agree with you.. Cricket unites us more profoundly than anything else.

  2. Karthik Parimal

    loved this

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