Hello Contracts

I started work and the worst part about the almost swanky office is that the internet never functions. Or maybe there’s a mini glitch with the DNS lookup on my laptop. Im staying with a bunch of loser girls in some random PG in some totally random part of Delhi and I cannot wait to get out of this place and into somewhere more homely with some wonderful people. But well, that’s life I guess. Well, for the next three weeks at least.

All I’ve been doing is sitting on my cute little butt all day long and studying contracts. Tomorrow, I begin with arbitration. My boss wasn’t even around today, so I just sat around and told myself that I might as well make use of the desk chair, good environment and library and study on my own if nothing else. So basically, there’s a PA who keeps bringing me food every three hours and I study and read on my own. And there’s no internet to distract me, so apart from the occasional BBM, I’m pretty much focused. I’m hoping things turn around very very soon. I’ll soon get jiggy with the advocates and try and make them take me to court. Otherwise I’m not gonna bother with the black tie syndrome and will just do whatever I want to.

x EdgyShark x


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