Three Times-A Charm?

I feel like Reese Witherspoon from Legally Blonde. (All parts.) Except, in blue though, not so much pink. Note to self: wear nothing other than black and white from tomorrow. Anyway, today I was given a task on the Civil Procedure Code, and if you looked at its size, you’d pass out, at least secretly in your mind for about three seconds. The internet is also functioning, hence this post straight from the advocate’s desk!, but I spent most of the morning trying to make my browser work.

How irritating is it when everything, including sexy torrent speeds working and your browser not being able to open! I’m not even sure I can understand what I need to comprehend in the CPC. I met the boss this morning, he’s such a fun guy. Thank goodness he’s the authority around here, because he seemed to be really smart and out going and spent some time talking to me. He thinks I’m a small kid, so yay! brownie points right there. He’s taking me to court tomorrow 😀 I noticed a copy of Steve Jobs’ biography and connected with him on that level too.

Today, I learnt to take the auto on my own from my dilapidated place of stay to the workplace and realized that I wasted thirty precious bucks on a ten minute walk. Anyway, *dumb blonde moments in progress* I have to get back to understanding the VIth Order now. I’ve done that, and I’ve read Davies on Contract, but I just feel like a lost kitten in a pile of books.


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