Got Milk? Keep It To Yourself.

In recent developments: I’ve begun to hate my workplace, and love kitties a little more. I gave my creative skills a twist by making myself a tres cool BB cover. Kids that make a lot of noise, don’t go well [AT ALL!] with my ego and I’m beginning to rethink my Disprin decisions now. (and it’s a different story that as soon as I found my earphones, they disappeared from the house.)

They uploaded the new academic calendar for the next session at R@wr-Town! and it SUCKS that the new term commences from the 2nd of Jan itself. As if I’m going to be there. Thank goodness I’ve studied contracts already, I’ll give my Fam Law a headstart as well, but not to bore you.

The other day, a cousin grandmother, full of a very robust attitude, forced herself upon me and made me drink a glass of milk. Lactose intolerant I screamed as hard as I could, but to no avail. Every single person sitting at the table knew that my face would have probably exploded because I haven’t touched milk since February.

 Except, she had a solution for that as well. I kept pleading that I would drink low fat yogurt instead, and one cup of milk was really not going to do me any good. Besides, NO ONE ELSE MAKES THE RULES!

Anyway, she made me drink the goop, and i almost puked my guts out. But obviously, I had to maintain a non blue face, and I wasn’t even treated with Vodka Penne Pasta after.

x EdgyShark x


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