Don’t Lose The Love

I am just extremely saddened by the negative energy that has been swooping past anyone and everyone, in the last few days. People just need to get a grip on themselves and RELAX. Paranoia never helped anyone and neither did screaming and getting frustrated for no reason, so just because you’re down in the dell doesn’t mean you have to pull others in there too.

This last year has been quite eventful for me personally, because I’ve done a lot and traveled far more than anyone else. I don’t care enough to divulge my memories and the shit that I’ve done because as of this moment, I’m alive and kicking, so there’s really no point pondering over what happened, what broke me or what fixed me. Because whatever happens, happens for the best.

I’m sick of devoting my psychological trips to understanding how other people would react or feel about what I’m doing, because honestly, if there’s anything I’ve realized, it’s that other people don’t feel this way. Why should I give a flying saucer about what I do if it’s not even meant to affect anyone and if others do not spend time thinking how I’d react to something they did.

Just do whatever the fuck you want and feel good about yourself because there’s really nothing else left to each passing day. I’m sick of people asking me where I am and what I’m doing and I should make a plan. I don’t want to meet anybody unless they want to meet me because it’s not really some sort of favour I’m doing by letting people know stuff that doesn’t even bother them at the end of the day.

I don’t care whether or not this revelation is going to cost me a social scenario because please let’s just calm down and look at the situation this way; how many people really bother to find out how you are, and I don’t mean just a hello on the phone. I’ve been bleeding senseless for the last ten days and almost had alien objects operated off my body and been stressed out by random doctors saying random nonsense and having some of the worst moments back in my college semester what with trying to keep up with making people happy and dealing with their immaturity.

So really, I’ve had my share of nonsense too, but I like to be positive and happy about it. Because even though the bad stuff is all I remember and it assists my migraines in popping out every now and then, I still remember how happy I felt looking at the open sky and stars and listening to Karthik and Kazim screaming Star Wars dialogues and pretending to be Jedis. Even though moments before that trip, I was worried about other people’s emotions, completely undermining my own.

I’m done with the drama and I’m happily living each day with subconscious sobriety. And in order to probe into your subconscious, you need help. Please do that research on your own, because I am not a therapist.

Please do contact me in case you’re looking for a mutually beneficial good time. Because after all, I’m just another individual looking in hopeless corners for happiness. And honestly, there are VERY few people in this world who have been able to inculcate those powers within themselves.

To all those who have stuck by me through thick and thin and will hopefully remember my birthday enough to put through a call (because I’m getting charged on roaming too, so let’s see who’s gonna be selfish) I salute you and it feels extremely warm in some corner of me, to be your true friend. And that list isn’t really a lot, and I’m glad it’s that way.

x EdgyShark x

P.S If you’re not happy with where you are then change it because you’re not a freaking tree.


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  1. Hmmm..the best part everybody must realize”whatever happens happens for the best” And let all by gones be bygones. Live in present.
    One of the nicest article, pouring all out.
    Keep Blogging
    Reach me at Krazy Memoirs

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