Forever Is An Illusion

There’s an absolutely ridiculous social networking applied idea that came to my notice a few days back; it’s called “WTF: Women Take Forever.” At first, it was alright, even mildly hilarious because sometimes, yes, women do (myself including) take a little more time getting ready and getting out of the house. But it’s not like men aren’t lazy or apply hair products and care about their skin too. But then, the guy who owns the page sent me an e-mail asking me to blog about it and help spearhead the entire movement so that it covers the rest of the planet within some time. I understand that writing this post might seem to spearhead it in some manner, but believe you me, I’m trying to do just the opposite. So anyway, I went through the information posted there and it really disgusted me to know there are men outright insulting women for taking  a little more time. And I understand there might be some women who in all actuality, DO take forever, but there are men like that too. (Some of them, called gay.) Here goes my reply to that guy, after much thought:


I went through your page but I really don’t see how after posting a status update about women commenting you want me to feature you on my blog or wear your tshirts. In case you didn’t notice, I belong to the female gender.
Also, I really don’t think all women take so much time because some of us do understand punctuality and have work and don’t believe in Spending all our free time on the mirror. Do remember, if a woman’s taking all that time, its to look good for her man. You’re probably thinking WTF now, huh? Its not like you’ve met all the women in the world to make such a movement permanent and the jobless pricks who have commented on your page are doing it coz they’re either bored, had a tiff with a woman or just need to vent out anger. Who better to scream at than your girlfriend?

Even if we took a year to put on clothes, face it, you’d still wait because you want to and you’re cribbing just to look cool in front of the other guys.
As for a movement, I think the country’s in a lot of deep shit and you could maybe spend the waiting time thinking about something entrepreneurial which could help bring about real welfare. If that happens, you have no one but a woman to thank.

P.S the reason I took ‘long’ to reply to you was because

A) I have been travelling a lot in the last week, and also at first dismissed your mail mistaking it to be spam and

B) I spent today contemplating how you wanted me to do you this favour by insulting my species.


x EdgyShark x

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  1. Hehe..that guy must’ve felt like a bloody loser :D..I have seen men get facials, manicures, pedicures and what not, and then come out acting like big time macho men, who don’t even take bath..!

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