Diamonds Shine In The Eyes of the Despicable

My conscience helps me realize the difference between feeling right and feeling guilty. I wouldn’t ever be able to take something from someone and keep using it till God’s eternal will to live without them knowing I’m using it, on the sly. (it’s a different case that I have a bit of an absent mind and that keeps me from giving someone back something sometimes, I’ll admit, but it’s not like I’m still using it to my heart’s content knowing fully well it doesn’t belong to me.) Especially when you ask for it back and the other party tells you they lost it, or they never had it.

If it’s one thing I hate more than someone who stole the diamond, it’s someone who lies about stealing the diamond. In case you’re worried about slander, relax because judgments always change. It’s not like random people are important enough to be posted on the All India Report and have their names and felony charges slapped there for the world to read. Even if that’s the case, (looking at every situation from this point of view), WHO THE HELL is going to open that stupid thick book and go through that particular case unless egged on by some cracked professor obsessed about citations!

Gandhi did some terrible things, albeit, but he also taught people some wonderful things. That entire clan left behind a completely new meaning to the word ‘independence’ for the rest of us fortunate enough to be living in a liberalized democratic nation. Independence isn’t just for people to wave a flag on the 15th of August every year (or your respective country’s date in case there’s actually a foreigner chancing upon my humble abode); it’s to actually understand and act in a certain manner.

If you mope about being obsessed with someone or something so much that you forget everyone around you exists, then fucking throw yourself down the British drain or become some white guy’s personal slave and I’ll be more than happy to sell you and spend the profits happily on Swarovski. I swear. Women all over the world are creating disgusting stereotypes in the minds of men and the rest of us weird souls are getting caught up in the mass disturbance. I mean for God’s sake if you’re living alone, then LEARN to live alone!! It’s not that big a deal! If you can’t deal with it, then it’s been eight months man, MOVE THE HELL OUT!

I.FEEL.TOXIC-ATED. (Like as if a room full of toxic just swallowed me.)

I hate people who deliberately spread negative vibes like incense smoke all over the place; and you try and be nice to them and improve their day in bits and pieces but all they’re going to do is sit on their butts all day long and talk about how unhappy and gloomy the situation is.

Look, my blood is already boiling, and before I reach an Ari Gold stage, I need to go indulge in some physical exercise otherwise I SWEAR to the God I don’t believe in, my vein is going to BURST. I am just so angry right now, judging by the arbitrariness of this post, I’ve put in a few different things from here and there.

Bottom line: Don’t be a THIEF!, and BE independent. Keep Calm and carry on (The last one’s for me.) And remember, I’m not gonna be judgmental unless you give me a reason to be judgmental. I have a very tight temper and a sickeningly short span for patience.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Well wrote. Enjoyed the wit in the piece.

  2. whoa! hang in there sunshine.

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