Change the Change

She fiddled with the knobs on her fancy camera; these days it is quite common to watch people handle digital shots and capture every moment of beauty revering in the world around them. Sitting atop a hillock, the sunset mesmerized the atmosphere around it, everything seemed to revolve around the hues of a rainbow.

The lake meandered below, catching the rays, as she focused with her lens, on a little duck paddling away. A few others sat a little farther, focusing on the sun with their toys, trying to grab a ray of the red before it sank into the water. One of them walked towards her, peered at her screen and exclaimed, “Why that little duck!” Annoyed, she turned away and continued with her brows furiously together. Instantaneously, almost, everyone else followed suit, curious to know why she concentrated so hard on the duck when all they wanted to take shots of the myriad of dying daylight. She got up with haste, walked over to the other side as the duck flapped into oblivion beyond the light fog.

It was a matter of perspective.

There are times when people find something attractive and appealing and that is the destination they finally seek; however, they fail to look at other options which just might run them by; and in doing so, they often try to convince others in changing their views about life and sticking to what they feel is beneficial for a next-to-utopian lifestyle.

But why change oneself? Who decided what was right, and what not so right?


Thoughts are for sharing, not imposing. When an individual goes to another and says, “change your attitude!” it’s because he is not able to adjust to another thought process, and not because the other person is ‘wrong’. Everyone has the freedom to focus on the perspective they like, to broaden their horizons as they wish to.

So what needs to change? The concept of change itself.

People need to understand that even though change might be for the greater good, it is a reflex that takes place according to a person’s desires. Why should I change into behaving like someone if they don’t take the pain to be like me? Why should I change my thinking and adopt someone else’s just because they think it is the ‘better’ path to tread upon?

Not saying don’t adopt new thinking, simply stating accept and think for yourself. Do you want to start believing in something more? Go for it.

“Every moment, the cells in your body are shifting, you are looking at newer things within the perimeter of your vision; people are born, people are dying, things are in a constant state of flux. You are a newer you every second of your life. From the moment that you began to read this, to now, there is something else going on in your mind, something new has been fed into the memory of your periphery. The world is moving, rotating, revolving.”

E v e r y t h i n g  i s c h a n g i n g. 

The difference lies in a thirst; the thirst to change, the power of which rests upon your shoulders. Don’t walk up to someone and tell them to change the way they think. Instead, understand why they think the way they think and ask yourself if you would want to change something within yourself and adopt that other perspective or mesh it with your own thoughts.

Don’t walk up to a child and ask him to stop jumping around and being hyperactive; it only irritates you because you have lost the will to act child like any more. Who gave you the right to ask someone to lose their zest just because you lost yours? We need less grouch and more excitement.

Be who you are and if someone likes it, they will pick it up. Change the idea of change … (at your own discretion, of course!)

Don’t change yourself to suit the world, because the world won’t change to suit you.

x EdgyShark x

This post was written for Indiblogger ‘Time To Change!’. Click here to know more.


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  1. Well done yaar..cheers for the article :).
    Also Check out mine.Give your comment on it.
    Are Hijra’s(TransGender) not a Human being.?

  2. Really sorry for that.
    Check it now.

    • What do you mean really sorry? You deleted my comment from your dumb post, and this is not the only post that has stuff on it. I stumble upon your blog after a long time and see that you’re still copying stuff? I want to meet your parents Jagwani, and send me your email, I have a copy of a lawsuit ready against you, got it ? And this time, Im fucking serious. You’re like a pathetic piece of rubber that doesn’t get affected after being hit so much.

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