I’m a Dragon, Bitch.

I’m going to begin with sending across a mental slap to the Trunchbull for obvious reasons falling under the branch of incompetency. Also because I haven’t been able to blog all this while because of the SUCKY INTERNET CONNECTION #courtesyTheIntelligentia. I bet I can do a better job than that fat ass sitting on his even bigger butt all day, drinking numerous cups of tea and making niceties with That Oaf, Keeper of Keys and the grounds. . *tries not to get frustrated*

I wouldn’t ever want to be paid a million bucks to be dumb. Read – EVER.

HELLO everyone 😀 I have been feeling very very jittery of late. I have been feeling very very aloof from everyone around here, and not because I’m anti-social but because I couldn’t take the kind of fun people were making of me. Look, when it’s jest it’s super. When it’s taking a jab, you don’t want to have to mess with me. Because I can turn into a Komodo and blow fire on your face enough to scar your skin for your next seven lives.

I remember all that while when I was back in high school and I always thought to myself; when I go to college, I’m going to have a million friends and be popular. (Honestly, I blame that on American influence.) And when I got to college, I did make a million friends because let’s face it, I do like people. I love people. I love talking to people, spending time with people, nada nada hoit.

But sometimes you just have to be careful what you wish for because you end up getting it if you wish for it real bad – Paulo Coelho law and order. Not that I don’t want friends, but I want friends who care. Now I know the friends that I have do care, but they’re the guys and they’re not around 24/7 and they’re all writing the Cute Little Alien’s Test again and I just might never see them again 😦 But the girls, they’re all there, and every girl wants a girlfriend to fall upon, someone who chills with them, asks them twenty times a day if they need something especially when they’re sick and all that. And when I was sick, I was alone.

That’s what buggered me to bits. That no one bothered to walk a floor up and spend some time with me, and no I do not need examination excuses.

I hate it when people crib about exams. If you have the brains, you’ll be able to do it. If you have the brains, then you won’t make such a big deal. We’re in the fucking first year for Christ’s sake. If this is the level of irritation people have begun to feel for a single law subject quipped with 4 social science papers, then they should take my word of advice and QUIT LAW SCHOOL.

Because darling, here’s a little revelation; the first year might be done with, but law school per se hasn’t even begun as yet.

In any case, yesterday I decided not to care anymore and just chill out. Whoever’s there is going to enjoy the presence of my company because I’m sick of doing things for people without getting a reciprocal feeling. I’d like to be invited, not feel like I dragged myself into something. I don’t want to be made faces at.

Because I am superior. I used to believe that. And now I’m going to begin believing in that philosophy again. I thought that would make me an arrogant person, but I’m beginning to understand that’s what’s required to deal with the crap here.

x EdgyShark x

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