21st Century On The Run

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I can’t seem to imagine a time when people said they didn’t have cell phones, let alone a time that they had no means to even communicate with each other. But it’s true, and it’s formed a past of generations of people, and luckily, I don’t fall into one of those categories, because I wonder, what these people would do when they were;

a) bored

b) caught in awkward situations

c) waiting for someone to arrive

d) ALL of the above! 

And voila, we now have smart phones – the ultimate toy for a penultimate being living in the world today, a device with the world’s best creation, the internet, on it. How can the internet not be fun? It provides utmost amusement to all creatures far and wide, especially when taking the above survey. Let me explain how this works (for me).

*Brace yourself*

Boredom: When my insides are squeaking and yelling out to me and I’m soaking in the hot tropical weather of this country, I feel bored and lazy. I would like to pick up a book or switch on the television, or even my laptop for that matter, but its just too hot to move. At a time like this, my brain tells me to ‘do’ something because well, I’ll get all restless and crazy if I don’t do anything.

Question: So what do I do?

Answer: EASY. Pick up my BB (kept right next to me, don’t even have to stretch my limbs farther than a few cms) and fiddle with it! I can waste happy time this way, browsing through random pages, downloading all kinds of wacky apps, (it’s true, there’s even a period checker 😐 and how *else* would I have known that if it hadn’t been for the inter-galactic-super-awesome-net on my phone?) *Sigh the app store is the next best thing to Zara*

Caught in awkward situations: I have no idea what someone belonging to the yesteryear did when they were caught in an awkward moment; I’ll help you with a few examples – you’re sitting on a deserted bus and someone comes and sits right next to you. Take out your phone and do something on the internet.  OR, an awkward moment where your friend’s having a fight with their relatives and suddenly they turn to you for advice, and your face looks like 😐 Obviously, the internet helps if not more, because you can actually google something worthwhile to say if not absorb yourself into some Angry Birds.

Waiting for someone to arrive: Since we have phones now, we make people wait. Earlier, it was like meet me at the Latte joint at 5 and the world was a more punctual place. Except for that occasional road accident and then you had to wait for the hospital authorities to call someone; now it’s like update your status in a social network account and everyone in the world knows what your deal is. So yes, no digression, tell me, can you think of a world where one cannot whip out their phones and go wild on the internet, especially when they’re busy waiting for people, transport, or even the morning tea to arrive?

Of course you can’t.

So that’s how the internet’s fun for me on my phone!

Let me end with this; if the internet wasn’t fun to do all of the above mentioned on the phone, then I would still be hanging around with one of those hardy pieces of plastic, playing Snake 😀 (b&w!) for eternity.

But then came the internet –> a phone with the internet –> and Power To (You!)Me 😀

To know more, just click www.vodafone.in/fun. And obviously, that’s on the internet too.

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  1. You rock girl and your post talks about your talent and writing skills. All the best.

  2. Nice article my friend. Yes internet is fun and it is upto you on enjoying the limits of fun

  3. brilliant idea, enjoyed it immensely!

  4. ankitchugh655

    This is something good.. unjustified… but still… justified… 🙂 Enjoyed reading ur article

  5. Same applies to me, though via an Android 😀

  6. Nice blog- short and crisp.

    Promoting you on Indiblogger.

    If u get time, do read my entry and share ur feedback 🙂


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