Bonjour Vietnam

Welcome to another webisode of the cranky chronicles. This time with less ouch and more yay (perhaps).

I must warn you people there’s a thief still lurking around somewhere, protect all your intellectual property lest some stupid candy carrot top comes sniffing around your virtual hemisphere and inches her dirty claws towards the copy paste button. I’m so sick of her outrageous conduct that I don’t wish to take her name and assist her along her rainbow ride of unpopularity. You can scream your lungs out, you can call her a skank and much much more, yet I think it’s not only her heart that has a hole but her eardrums too. Because she just won’t listen, and she’ll continue with her ‘oops! I didn’t even realize that’s your work! I’m in love with you, I was under the impression that’s pure telepathy!’

I guess being a total rockstar comes at a very-very-not-so-merry heavy price. Imitation is flattery after all (*insert Coco Chanel + Sarojini Nagar clothing analogy*); in any case, if you need a copy of a legal certificate get in touch with me I have dozens (both fresh as well as those marked with her adultery and signed, sealed, delivered to the federal caretakers.)


Not that I care anymore, I have bigger projects to indulge myself in. Like laugh at the patisserie they recently opened up in Calcutta. Ridiculous barbie doll house I say. If Cinnabon asked me to represent them, I’d jolly well hunt them down with a racket and a lawsuit for stealing the beauty that lies in the name of the Red Velvet. I’d reconsider if the flavours did justice but I’d suggest you’d be better off missing out on the cross between strawberry wonderland and dull mud.

There’s so much to do. I have newfound respect for a few living luminaries of the past with excellent horizon within their minds that has given way to change of thought with a change in the space time dimension, and golly, they belong to India! Amazed at the drastic extremes at which a single perspective lies.

More on that later. (Also, the fact that she’s imitated the way I sign off too has started pissing me off so I’m going to go all gaga now.)

@#$@%#$% EdgyShark @$@%#^



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