Soaked in a Rainbow


#SoakNoMore is all I kept telling myself, incident after another, as I delved deeper into the circus madness! 

Toddlers are a handful; and that literally means when you’ve got one kid on your back and a couple others jumping around like hungry monkeys, there’s nothing more you can do with your two hands.

I remember when I was in Mumbai earlier this year, excited to meet all my little cousins (let’s call them Li’l G, Li’l M, Li’l L and Li’l P) and shower them with a zany time, ready to take on sisterhood and babysit them only to have their mums wipe the sweat off their brows and take retreat and tell me I was about to have an eventful next few days. Even though they’re barely three years old, I felt this need to imprint a fabulous time within their minds and have them remember me when they grow older.

The afternoon sun fades away and the kids wake up from their slumber; ‘let’s go to the park’, they start squealing with joy at the thought of having someone able enough to run around with them, unlike their tired mums for a change. ‘It’ll be great for my muscles,’ I think to myself. But first, they needed to be fed. I sat on the python couch as my little sister, Li’l G sulked with a glass of milk in her hands, making faces at me. In my capacity as an older sister I tried to make her smile at a silly joke and drink the milk but little did I know that my joke had more than an excellent effect on her, making her snort the milk out on my clothes.

SOAKED!, in creamy lactose I yelped and tried to get everything cleaned up before someone blamed me for it, while the little imp, she strutted away, happy that her glass of milk was taken care of. After putting on clean clothes, I walked into the next room, looking at Li’l L making faces at his clothes. He had to get dressed, and putting him into his park attire was probably as good as studying a Ph.D in baby sciences. However, it didn’t take him long to make sure that I was SOAKED! in his pee. *YUCK* I thought in my mind, trying to keep my calm together.

‘It’s just pee!!’ I comforted myself while Li’l P was handed into my arms, his drool all over my neck. So much drool, as the little tot laughed and I didn’t even have the heart to put him down and clean my SOAKED!self once again. I was so sure that they’d probably over power me at the park and have me roll around in the mud, so there was no point in getting ready again. We got back home after a great evening and Li’l M and Li’l L bring out their paints, splash it all over the floor and my white shirt, and go tell every soul alive that it was me who did it. SOAKED! in finger paint I gave up, as the need to feel some peace and non-liquidy matter finally SOAKED! my brain 😛

x EdgyShark x

For more information, check out #SoakNoMore at Indiblogger!

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  1. This was different… very creative..

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