The Conquest of Happiness

Hey, here’s  question I’ve been meaning to ask the world for a long time now. Since the life I’m living is mine, aren’t I allowed to be happy by my own terms?

Is it so wrong to be not in control of something for sometime? Is it wrong to want to spread cheer? Last time I checked, the world was a pretty shitty place filled with cynics and poachers killing all signs of rainbows and colour. I mean yes, all that sounds rather utopian but who are we kidding?

In our own little ways, we try each day to make ourselves smile. And sometimes we find people who help us smile. And sometimes we begin really liking them because of the happiness that they bring to our lives. Is that so wrong?

I’ve had a pretty painted past, just like anyone else. I don’t think I should get reprimanded for something that I did earlier. It’s my karma to serve anyway, not yours. Whatever my feelings may be, I’ll look the other way if I have to. If I’ve got to make a feeling stop, I will.

This is all very unnerving, especially for me. I don’t plan on making things happen, just like you don’t. Life just kind of whizzes by without really giving prior notice about what’s going to happen. It’s how we handle situations that make us different from others. So If I’m being pointed fingers at for going through something that’s the most natural thing in the world, I think you’re a hypocrite. And also, you’re just sad. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now I’m going to look at some hot pilot and listen to One Thing. That’s how lame I’ve become. So till the time that I actually get on the path to resume being someone like Shahid Azmi, it’s my problem, not yours. Unless you want to share that you’re going through the same exact thing, don’t bother looking at my face. And until then, I’ll (once again!) continue being alligator meat.

x EdgyShark x


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