A Happy Cupcake

I can’t believe how big a lazy bum I have become – with my blog that is. I’ve deprived you of some two long months of my bipolar existence, and I cannot even fathom how you must’ve had to survive depending on other kinds of thought catalogs (pun very well intended :P) to get by with your lives.

Now that all that modesty’s out of the way;

So much has changed over the last few insane weeks! My life has literally flipped over like a Spanish omelette and everything I thought I was has been stripped off of me like fondant over the spongiest butter cream cake. I’ve learnt so much about myself with respect to the world around me.

For starters, I think it’s pointless to live in the future. All the things that you think will live on with you, just might take a different turn somewhere. So it’s best to know that what you have right now is golden, and if it does tend to stay later in life, then there’s nothing better than that. But if it doesn’t, I’ll still have memories to hold on to, right?

With that said, I’ve moved cities; YES! Mum’s finally made the decision and the switching and shifting is already well under process. We’ve got a cozy new place in the best city in the country and Bombay’s just love now for me. Like it always was –> (Spock mama i<3you!)

On another note, I think I’ve landed planes on one of the best internships ever – at Vibrant Holiday Destinations – a premier venture of avid travelers in the realm of the travel industry (i wrote that for the business letter, so now I’m just showing off :P) But yes, the environment is abuzz and great. And I get to wear clothes that have colour; the added advantage of not doing rounds in court.

I’m so happy with the friends that I have right now – they’re really not too many and honestly, being in touch with people without them reciprocating is a recipe for disaster. So it’s really nice to meet a new mile marker along the way, and create moments of happiness. So one day, when I’m sitting by a fire on a beach with some random dudes from Germany, I can be like, ‘hey, you know what? I spent this great evening with someone I care about deeply. And his mum cooked the best, most sumptuous dinner ever. LIKE EVER. 😀 And then we went on a drive and just looked at the sea for an hour. And I didn’t want that time to end but time can be such a snitch, it just passes and passes and then it snickers back at you when you try to hold onto your horses.’

And they’ll grin at me and wish with all their might that they had been in my place.

I have a crazy tummy/rib injury and colleagues eyeing my workstation (which very cosmically has 23 plastered in black across the drawer) so I’m going to tune in, in a while.

In the meantime, don’t be eaten by crocodiles!

x EdgyShark x

P.S Stuck like Glue!


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