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Witness and read on as the EdgyShark fills you in on people you thought you always knew were out there. Or not. !

Three Awkward Hugs

Not one, but three.

Hugs are things that you don’t really see coming, unless of course, you’re the one who initiates them. Otherwise, the spontaneity that the huggee¹ receives can really lead the situation to become gawky and inelegant. Except if the huggee really knows how to handle the circumstance.

Let’s take a look.

Situation One

Venue: Someplace Else
Time: Late evening
Hugger: Sambit

Sambit and I met after quite some time. He’s gone on to become a national drummer and I’m trying to figure out what’s next. In between, there are calls and texts and plans to meet which almost always somehow get screwed up because of whatever the obligation may be. So anyway, he’d invited me to a gig, and I was only too delighted to accept.

We met, and a handshake dawned polite to me. But apparently, to him, a hug. I honestly didn’t see it coming, because if I would have, then I’d have probably not let my hand get squished between him and me. Heh.

Very amiable and friendly it seemed only right.

Awkward, but nice.

Situation Two

Venue: VM Auditorium
Time: No clue, since I was in the auditorium the entire day managing the fest.
Hugger: Mrs. Anand

This probably took place at the end of the fest that we had yesterday. And since I was one of the main people in charge of well, everything, I stayed right till the end and even after. Mrs Anand is a very docile and humble woman who managed to help us put the entire show together and make it a success. And since she was SO happy by the end of everything, she was hugging everyone in sight.

Well, okay. Not everyone, just these other two people. Might I add, she must’ve accidentally hugged a journalist too in the middle of all the excitement.

So I went towards all the drama and emotion soaking out, only to be recieved with a hug. She’s almost as tall as me, and the hug was quite compact. So I didn’t know where to put my head. Like, on her shoulder or not on her shoulder. She’s a teacher after all, it’s weird.

So my neck was all craned, and I didn’t even know where to hug her back because my hands were full of papers and wires or something. Neither did I know when to pull off! Because she just wouldn’t let go. Well, I’m happy for her everything was such a success. And she’ll probably hug me next year too.

Awkward, but nice.

Situation Three

I forgot what situation three was. You must be having one.

And I bet it was awkward, but nice.

x EdgyShark x

¹Person who gives the hug.


That List

There’s this list I’ve been working on for a long time now. And I forgot all about it until today. It started off by being called ‘The Hottie List’ with over 200 entries to it. Funky fonts, colours, this and that.

And now, I’ve brought the number down to two. Turning sixteen from a stupid eleven does do the maturity level some difference.

  • Kal Penn: But of course.
  • Hugh Jackman: Drool, person reading this, drool.
  • And Sid from Wake Up S!d.

Today, I removed Sam Worthington, because he’s not worth it apart from terminating the planet, and Amir Khan, because he’s REALLY weird in those Tata Sky adverts, and Kunal Kapoor, because Ranbir is actually better.

So long.

The Weird Eccentricity That Kal Penn Is

You probably think I’m weird. Well, so far, so good.

But you have no idea how fascinating it is to fantasize about Kal Penn once in two weeks at the very least. And then actually meeting him at Barista. I told you Barista’s awesome.

Well, no I didn’t meet Kal Penn at Crème, but saw an exact look alike. If only that Gujju’d drag his butt back to India. *sigh*

It’s kinda annoying. Even Jabran looks like Kal Penn. Uhh, Kal Penn, Kal Penn. I wanna be in a freakin’ movie with Kal Penn. (Alright, I’ve applied for internships here and also for that theatre production group, but it’s really not the same as being with KP!)

It’s either really fun to say his name again and again, or it’s thrilling watching me writhe in pain and the agony of knowing that my chances of actually meeting him are close to nil.

And the stupid, stupid things I do on Facebook. Although if not for Zuckerberg’s brainchild, I’d never have gotten in touch with so many people that I am happy to be friends with 😀

K, if you’re reading this, I’m probably a sucker for you right now. I’d probably melt like that double chocolate chip cookie drink that’s so unhealth-ily awesome. I’m running out of time right now, but my ode to you is up next.

In the meantime, here’s something that’s beyond throwing away all dignity, ethics and maybe, self-esteem and here’s to you.

Kal Penn .. *Huuge sigh.*

x EdgyShark x

Glitter And Pop – Love Lockdown At The VMAs

Do you even like Kanye West? Warning: This post is full of bubblegum and gossip, and glitter.

They always show these things real late in India. Everyone’s already talking about it, and you don’t know what’s happening because you weren’t there to witness the ceremony in New York City. I’d seen West being hauled on Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres and what not, but I really didn’t understand why he was being made to apologize to Taylor Swift. Before you get all whammed, they’re pop stars.

Ridiculous ones at that too. Alright, I don’t really like ‘Tay-tay’ (AT ALL!) but she didn’t deserve Kanye stealing her thunder at the VMAs this year. Imagine winning the Moonman for the best female video of the year, or whatever it was, and have a ferocious rapper come snatch the mic away and say things like ‘Beyoncé deserved it and she’s got the best video’ blu-blah.

Love Lockdown And The Moonman

Love Lockdown With The Moonman

And she probably did! Because well, “Single Ladies” is a sophisticated version of “You Belong With Me” but you can’t help but take it in your stride if the millions of fifteen year olds in America lose their minds over such shady lyrics and begin fantasizing about dancing with that high school jock at the school prom.

Another reason why we Indians are much, much better off.

Her previous song “Love Story” ? Is SO lame, that it makes me want to puke everytime I listen to it. It probably sounded ok the first time I’d heard it, but then all the tweeting on twitter, mess-up affairs with the Disney kids (Jonas brothers, Miley Cyrus, I mean, KHAMAWN!) on Facebook.

Don’t you think life was better when they were showing Full House on Zee Café every evening and all we swooned over were the Olsen twins?

Who, by the way, are totally out of the scene, but are two people I don’t mind looking up to. They paved the way for the perfect teenage drama queens, for crying out loud.

A little too perfect to be kicked out of the spotlight, I guess.

Russell Brand was pretty darn okay this year too. I expected some snider, nastier remarks but I guess they finally learned how to shut his English mouth up after last year.

Lady GaGa. I don’t know what to say. So I’m going to be indifferent. But really, what the hell is she trying to do with all that weird head gear? With all due respect (ONLY because of her love for the happy gay people) she sings about Paparazzi making her life living mayhem? Well, isn’t she practically publicising to invite them!?

What *IS* it with all the Twilight madness? (Okay, a post coming up on that, soon!)

Muse could have been better. Green Day’s beginning to appear like an evolved form of My Chemical Romance. Who by the way are completely off the hook.

And we still have dancers in the world who can do a great impersonation of MJ’s Thriller. Eminem’s become all weird. It must be the ganja.

It was a nice gesture, on Beyoncé’s part to give her Video of the Year moment away to Taylor. But I guess these nineteen year old value lacking American kids are never going to learn. The least she could have done was to thank the former Destiny’s Child star for giving her that opportunity. For all you know, Taylor Swift’s fan base probably drew out double more because of that one moment.

How the hell can you even listen to such disguised glitter?!

Its not even worth recycling

But it all kinda works out in the end. (Just like they’ve begun showing HIMYM instead of SaTC at 11 *grin*)

x EdgyShark x

Yes I Wear Black ..

.. No I’m not a Goth.

Maybe I am. So what? Who is a Goth? Isn’t that almost like asking “Is that thing parked over there a car?” (Maybe it isn’t, maybe it’s a rocketship, but let’s just give them the benefit of doubt.) But it’s almost comic, because you know a Goth when you see one. Just like you’re not going to walk up to a cat and poke it till it exhibits to you it’s claws and threatens to use them.

And listen, cats hate you and everyone else.

And listen, cats hate you and everyone else.

And all that trouble, just to prove that it’s a cat. What a waste of time. I absolutely, positively hate cats.

No, I’m not sure why I’m writing this. But inspiration? Because

  • I wanted to write something.
  • I chanced upon SG’s status update on my news feed. And she’s a really good friend of mine. And I kind of hate it when people create pre-conceived notions. And I’ve heard tons about her.

Maybe because, well, she’s hot. So that makes her be all snobby? No freaks, try going up to the person and making three fold contact. An erroneous delusion, might I point out.

We're staring. *Eeevil laugh*

We (The Kappas, and a post is coming up soon,) like the darker side of things. We like seeing into things through the fourth dimension.

So we’re all Goths in our own little ways? But why clamp their style and take up space even though we’re not even their kin?

So what?

Stereotypes are devices for saving a biased person the trouble of learning.

And since I’ve taken up a certain example, let me just break some of your views:


  • Don’t always wear black.
  • Don’t worship Satan.
  • Are NOT evil.
  • Do not want to kill people.
  • Are not always depressed.
  • Are usually nice. Unless deterred. (Alas of course, that’s human nature.)
  • Are ‘normal.’

Didn’t I just brand you a ‘freak’? And you perhaps used it for someone else too. See now, that’s what happens when you can’t accept anything new.

If thinking outside the box makes me a Goth, then so be it. Sure, I don’t use black lip markers, but what the hell. Intelligent and creative too.

Tokyo pop, if you must.

Tokyo pop, if you must.

But if you’re seriously thinking of converting now (because all I was trying to tell you was to not judge things with a single unprotected vision), just lay off the vampire comments. Because you might think you’re being funny, but satire’s hard to pass.

And you’re probably going to be sleeping alone tonight.

Preeeeen. Come on, look closer.

x EdgyShark x

Analytical Interpretation

It’s an overdose of tic-tacs that’s making my head spin.

Not Lukas Rossi, no.

Oh my, Supernova. How I used to love you guys. Storm Large, Magni from Reykjavik

We're The Dope.

x EdgyShark x

The NYC Liberty II

This is madness, because my mind is just all over the place. How could I write about Carrie Bradshaw and not mention the very awesome/apt Mr. Big?!

And he calls her a kid all the time, heh.

x EdgyShark x

The NYC Liberty

She writes/blogs. She has more than a thing for shoes, Manolos to be specific. She has a weirdly funky sense of vintage idiosyncrasies. She maybe 40, but I can still relate to her. Goal-oriented, and she lacks a balanced aimer la vie.


One word: Manolos. I think that’s the only reason I went ahead and bought myself  SJP/Bitten brand of clothing. Because $485 Manolos are more important to her than anything else.

And she’s been filling up my 11pm-12am gaping void where I have to do something.



Although, her weirdness does have its qualms, very like the hideous curly hair that she has at times, j’aime elle.

x EdgyShark x

Oh The Places You’ll Go!

“Some days are yellow, some days are blue.
On some days, I’m different too.”

“Yes, there really was a Dr. Seuss. He was not an official doctor, but his prescription for fun has delighted readers for more than 60 years!”

Personally, I’ve always found Dr. Seuss’ characters freaky/creepy. Or maybe it was just Mike Meyers in The Cat In The Hat that did the trick. Because neither do I like cats (more like HATE them,) and nor do I like Mike Meyers. But you’ve gotta admit, Dr. Seuss has done quite well in terms of providing a new level of literature to children altogether.

Things like “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish“, “Oh The Things You Can Think!“, even “If I Ran The Zoo” are great reads even if you’re not five, and don’t worry, it’s not going to give your ego a boost. Yeah, I’m probably talking away without having any Seuss experience myself, but I’m soon going to go through his works.

They’ve definitely carved a niche where even 2D animation’s concerned and this brainchild of his is worth a mention, and your time. Hey, you can even try visiting Seussville here. Even if you don’t agree, I feel Seuss gave sarcasm and rhymes a new name. Also, hard life and reality checking.

Oh go on, google it yourself!

x EdgyShark x

Don’t Blame Me, Tyler Hilton

And there’s a storm that’s raging through my frozen heart tonight.

x EdgyShark x