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Bee In The Bonnet

Is it just me or is the entire world going through the same exact things as I am? And if we all just let each other know, wouldn’t we feel a little more reassured? Perhaps, it’s just me.

The other day, on a local back home, I was happy. I had a great day that I spent with my best friend. He’d said to me the three words that would light up anyone’s day, he said “Yaayy Yayy YAYY!” I couldn’t wipe the silly grin off of my face and was so oblivious to the world that I almost failed to notice this young lady sitting opposite just glaring out the window frame.

The music kept dancing through my ears and my fingers kept trying to kill time by working mindless apps on my phone but then I finally looked up to see that the world wasn’t at glee with me. That young lady suddenly burst into a fit of emotion and tears streamed down her face. I looked away because I didn’t want to seem nosy.

The train stopped at another station; people walked in, people flowed out. The woman buried her face deep into her palms.

Mystified, I returned to my cellphone screen and thought to myself. How many times have I felt defeated enough to let myself break down on the local to and fro home? I remembered that one day work was so bad and I kept rethinking my decision about studying law and working at a firm and how I cried because I felt stuck. I thought of the times I’d cried out of helplessness even, blaming family on (now what feels like were) insignificant things. I looked up again; the lady was trying her best to hide herself and people around her, although squished into the aisle, seemed absolutely nonchalant. And why wouldn’t they?

That’s when the epiphany arose. Everyone’s got a tough life and we’re selfish enough to think we’re going through the worst.

I fished into my bag for a pack of tissues. There were two left in the pack. ‘Heck,’ I told myself, ‘she needs them more than I do.’ And at least on that day she did.

I offered her the tissues with a smile and mouthed ‘It’s okay,’ and I can bet she was a tad gratified because someone understood, if not what she was going through, then the fact that she was going through something.

Before she could say anything, I got up and went and stood next to the door for my stop. The upbeat music still played through my ears. And then, I was happy. Not because of how my day had unfolded out, but because how this little moment had warped itself into my day.

I was happy that I offered someone the path to a smile.

I was also happy to know that you are the most attractive version of yourself when you’re smiling and the happiness comes from within. Because if it doesn’t, you can’t spread it. So maybe that assuring factor comes from within too. It’s tough, and I’m still practicing, but totally worth it!

Spread the cheer. Make someone smile today! 🙂

x EdgyShark x


Hold On We’re Home!

SCRRRRRRRRRRRRATCH THAAAT! (the last post —-> below)

OMG it just struck me like a bolt of lightning; HAPPINESS IS EVERYTHING!

You know all the crap that my negative mind spewed out earlier? It was just on its dramatic best.

It’s beautiful to have goals and dreams and you know what’s even better?

To watch all that come true.

Heck I just wiped off tears of joy from my face even *thinking* about the day that my mental-moment-movies come true! I can totally picture it, (No, I’m not going to give you the benefit of knowing *snide countenance*) :D

It’s just the best feeling ever.. imagine what it’d be like to even have all that actually unravel later in life!


OUI! OUI! You’re not better alone, you’re only you when you’re surrounded by the people that love you and you have that love in your heart that fills you up, and it’s for them that you wake up every morning and rock the world like a total star!

x EdgyShark x

Bonjour Vietnam

Welcome to another webisode of the cranky chronicles. This time with less ouch and more yay (perhaps).

I must warn you people there’s a thief still lurking around somewhere, protect all your intellectual property lest some stupid candy carrot top comes sniffing around your virtual hemisphere and inches her dirty claws towards the copy paste button. I’m so sick of her outrageous conduct that I don’t wish to take her name and assist her along her rainbow ride of unpopularity. You can scream your lungs out, you can call her a skank and much much more, yet I think it’s not only her heart that has a hole but her eardrums too. Because she just won’t listen, and she’ll continue with her ‘oops! I didn’t even realize that’s your work! I’m in love with you, I was under the impression that’s pure telepathy!’

I guess being a total rockstar comes at a very-very-not-so-merry heavy price. Imitation is flattery after all (*insert Coco Chanel + Sarojini Nagar clothing analogy*); in any case, if you need a copy of a legal certificate get in touch with me I have dozens (both fresh as well as those marked with her adultery and signed, sealed, delivered to the federal caretakers.)


Not that I care anymore, I have bigger projects to indulge myself in. Like laugh at the patisserie they recently opened up in Calcutta. Ridiculous barbie doll house I say. If Cinnabon asked me to represent them, I’d jolly well hunt them down with a racket and a lawsuit for stealing the beauty that lies in the name of the Red Velvet. I’d reconsider if the flavours did justice but I’d suggest you’d be better off missing out on the cross between strawberry wonderland and dull mud.

There’s so much to do. I have newfound respect for a few living luminaries of the past with excellent horizon within their minds that has given way to change of thought with a change in the space time dimension, and golly, they belong to India! Amazed at the drastic extremes at which a single perspective lies.

More on that later. (Also, the fact that she’s imitated the way I sign off too has started pissing me off so I’m going to go all gaga now.)

@#$@%#$% EdgyShark @$@%#^



The nice guy in the office made my internet work. And I chilled with Bush yesterday at the Big Chill. So my sentiments right now exactly:


x EdgyShark x

Freezing On Royal Fire!

Everyone says leaving school is something very hard to do. But for the last four years, I’ve been having this ache to leave those four walls behind and move onto a new college campus and start things afresh. However, when you least expect it, things turn around and hit you right back on the face.

We were given our farewell by the juniors, and a pretty spectacular affair that was! Wound all around by a celluloid theme, it felt pretty awesome to be around such wonderful people. For the last evening, I greeted my teachers and classmates with gusto. As the days near, I feel less pressurized to act in a certain manner and feel more calm and composed with regard to these people all around me. We’ve stuck it (and not stuck it) through thick and thin over the last fourteen years, and it all boiled down to that one evening to remember.

Frozen on Fire

I was called on stage during the finality of it all, and I sang “Leaving on a Jet Plane” with my best voice possible. Somewhere deep inside me, I felt so happy and so elated to be done with this part of my life, but I failed to notice the moment when my voice began quivering a little. I wouldn’t give way, how could I?

I was feeling joy, excitement and sadness through my veins at the same time!

The next bit arrived with even more of a shock as I was crowned the queen of the evening, Miss Birla High! I haven’t felt such stark extreme emotions in the longest time. Shock, happiness and a teeny tiny bit of resentment and sorrow filled inside my little heart. I had been crowned a royal in the arena where I’d never though I’d fit in. And after this point, I’m never really going to be forgotten, or forget the school for all the good times, and bad.

Like fire meets ice, and melts and freezes at the same time; it’s really hard to explain the kind of contradiction that swept over my feelings and took over.

They say the human body’s made of 72% water. I don’t know how much was freezing and how much was on fire at that moment! 😉

x EdgyShark x

You ever felt something so contradictory and wonderful at the same time? Fire n Ice? Post your stories here at and don’t forget to comment below!

Mary Jane And The Green Fairy

I haven’t written in the longest time, not because of a lack of things to write about, but because of all the madness that has been persisting in the environment around me. I’ve had the time of my life in the last few weeks. Pertaining to the above mentioned title, and otherwise 😉

My birthday couldn’t have gotten any better than what it was. And I feel lucky, and I feel like the only eighteen year old to have ever had such a grand time. Not a lame club dance that lasted for a few hours, not some pseudo drinking getting high, no new gadgets as presents to scream and show off.


But a wonderful week away to a city, from the people I love, to the people I love. And there, I met MJ. As well as her Indian counterpart, locked away in the confines of a very familiar and sexy Beatles case 😀

Winter wonderland, truly. And I can rightly say, I started the year with a bang-bang-pow 😀 And it can only keep getting better. After all, it’s your perception of how things should be. If you’re unhappy, you make everything around you seem that way. So keep your head cool, that’s probably why the calendar year starts in the snow.

And otherwise, every year is a new year anyway.

x EdgyShark x

Extreme Psyche

“I’m the one that has to die when I die, so let me live my life as I want to.”

x EdgyShark x

Look, Beer!

It was my dad’s birthday and so this one uncle, sent a lot of booze for the party. I went to get it collected in a big suitcase and on my way back from his place, felt quite excited to be sitting next to a couple of crates of beer. I text my mum, “Ain’t got a care in the world but got plenty of beer!”

She texts me back: “Remember, beer beer everywhere, but not a drop to drink!”

That’s where I get *some* of the Edge from 😛

There’s more though:

Today, when all his friends came for the party, they immediately moved to the big stuff like scotch and whiskey and so now we have a refrigerator full of two crates of chilled beer and only me to finish it off. 😀

x EdgyShark x

Unicorns of the Sea

A very happy sixteenth to Jenny. – B.

Who knew partying was a task in its own? But you know, sometimes, it’s probably everything that adds to it that matters. A little fun here and there, temper snapping like a loose thread, coupled with bits of my anger all over the wall.

And at the end of the day, there’s nothing like the warm comfort of a soft voice and a blanket to sum the fun up.

x EdgyShark x


The soles of your feet are one of the prime aspects of your being, aren’t they? If not for them, you wouldn’t be able to grace your presence on this heavenly abode. If not for them, you wouldn’t have been able to walk through the sands of time, if not for them, you’d have nothing to fall back on.

It’s the friction that makes your life dynamic.

Your feet. They touch the ground and bring you into contact with the inner confines of the planet; they help you connect with the supreme tangible element of the universe, the soil, the earth. There is no God but within yourself, and the sooner you bring yourself to believe that, the better it will be.

I find it funny, almost ironic when people say “Why are you touching your feet to that book?” Of course, not on purpose, accidentally. Today, it gave me some food for thought when an irate classmate went quite haughtily “You’re touching my bag with your feet.” I apologized for no reason, and mentioned that it wasn’t done deliberately.

Yet, that got me thinking. Why is it that people do not like when you touch your feet to something? It’s merely because they feel that the feet are the dirtiest and most unclean parts of a person’s body. Figure something, what if you changed your perspective? Nothing’s wrong, yet there’s a great deal that’s grey.

There’s no propagation present here, if there is, then it’s merely your thought process and not my influence. It’s not wrong to touch your feet to something without knowing. It doesn’t matter. Books are knowledge, I agree, but they’re only coming in contact with the other most important entity that’s giving you a connection to the tinted universe.

Feet are the most beautiful part of your body, and a little respect is the least they deserve. It’s the scraped and most worked up things in life that make it worth living. Those wrinkles and skin coloured scars just make them worth admiring even more.

Like the ripples of a wave, they soften at the touch of prolonged water.

So tough, yet so sensitive.

x EdgyShark x