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I’m OUT!

I’m free and I feel SO great. Talking to my mom makes everything in the world awesome again. There’s sunlight on my window pane and colours streaming in through my eyes. No more sadness, especially not over something that I wasn’t able to do! Big shit, I’ll do it again. Jobs got chucked out of his own company and then karma hit everyone later.

Besides this small little thing doesn’t even define who I am ! All the crying’s done, killed some zombies to take my frustration off, meditated, all that jazz.

Now it’s finally time to get down on my butt and bring my appetite back.

x EdgyShark x

P.S If you’re ever feeling downtrodden, just drop in a hint and I’ll be there to the rescue. ‘Coz that’s what sharks do! (Eat all the bullshit, in case you were wondering :P)


Bonjour Vietnam

Welcome to another webisode of the cranky chronicles. This time with less ouch and more yay (perhaps).

I must warn you people there’s a thief still lurking around somewhere, protect all your intellectual property lest some stupid candy carrot top comes sniffing around your virtual hemisphere and inches her dirty claws towards the copy paste button. I’m so sick of her outrageous conduct that I don’t wish to take her name and assist her along her rainbow ride of unpopularity. You can scream your lungs out, you can call her a skank and much much more, yet I think it’s not only her heart that has a hole but her eardrums too. Because she just won’t listen, and she’ll continue with her ‘oops! I didn’t even realize that’s your work! I’m in love with you, I was under the impression that’s pure telepathy!’

I guess being a total rockstar comes at a very-very-not-so-merry heavy price. Imitation is flattery after all (*insert Coco Chanel + Sarojini Nagar clothing analogy*); in any case, if you need a copy of a legal certificate get in touch with me I have dozens (both fresh as well as those marked with her adultery and signed, sealed, delivered to the federal caretakers.)


Not that I care anymore, I have bigger projects to indulge myself in. Like laugh at the patisserie they recently opened up in Calcutta. Ridiculous barbie doll house I say. If Cinnabon asked me to represent them, I’d jolly well hunt them down with a racket and a lawsuit for stealing the beauty that lies in the name of the Red Velvet. I’d reconsider if the flavours did justice but I’d suggest you’d be better off missing out on the cross between strawberry wonderland and dull mud.

There’s so much to do. I have newfound respect for a few living luminaries of the past with excellent horizon within their minds that has given way to change of thought with a change in the space time dimension, and golly, they belong to India! Amazed at the drastic extremes at which a single perspective lies.

More on that later. (Also, the fact that she’s imitated the way I sign off too has started pissing me off so I’m going to go all gaga now.)

@#$@%#$% EdgyShark @$@%#^


Change the Change

She fiddled with the knobs on her fancy camera; these days it is quite common to watch people handle digital shots and capture every moment of beauty revering in the world around them. Sitting atop a hillock, the sunset mesmerized the atmosphere around it, everything seemed to revolve around the hues of a rainbow.

The lake meandered below, catching the rays, as she focused with her lens, on a little duck paddling away. A few others sat a little farther, focusing on the sun with their toys, trying to grab a ray of the red before it sank into the water. One of them walked towards her, peered at her screen and exclaimed, “Why that little duck!” Annoyed, she turned away and continued with her brows furiously together. Instantaneously, almost, everyone else followed suit, curious to know why she concentrated so hard on the duck when all they wanted to take shots of the myriad of dying daylight. She got up with haste, walked over to the other side as the duck flapped into oblivion beyond the light fog.

It was a matter of perspective.

There are times when people find something attractive and appealing and that is the destination they finally seek; however, they fail to look at other options which just might run them by; and in doing so, they often try to convince others in changing their views about life and sticking to what they feel is beneficial for a next-to-utopian lifestyle.

But why change oneself? Who decided what was right, and what not so right?


Thoughts are for sharing, not imposing. When an individual goes to another and says, “change your attitude!” it’s because he is not able to adjust to another thought process, and not because the other person is ‘wrong’. Everyone has the freedom to focus on the perspective they like, to broaden their horizons as they wish to.

So what needs to change? The concept of change itself.

People need to understand that even though change might be for the greater good, it is a reflex that takes place according to a person’s desires. Why should I change into behaving like someone if they don’t take the pain to be like me? Why should I change my thinking and adopt someone else’s just because they think it is the ‘better’ path to tread upon?

Not saying don’t adopt new thinking, simply stating accept and think for yourself. Do you want to start believing in something more? Go for it.

“Every moment, the cells in your body are shifting, you are looking at newer things within the perimeter of your vision; people are born, people are dying, things are in a constant state of flux. You are a newer you every second of your life. From the moment that you began to read this, to now, there is something else going on in your mind, something new has been fed into the memory of your periphery. The world is moving, rotating, revolving.”

E v e r y t h i n g  i s c h a n g i n g. 

The difference lies in a thirst; the thirst to change, the power of which rests upon your shoulders. Don’t walk up to someone and tell them to change the way they think. Instead, understand why they think the way they think and ask yourself if you would want to change something within yourself and adopt that other perspective or mesh it with your own thoughts.

Don’t walk up to a child and ask him to stop jumping around and being hyperactive; it only irritates you because you have lost the will to act child like any more. Who gave you the right to ask someone to lose their zest just because you lost yours? We need less grouch and more excitement.

Be who you are and if someone likes it, they will pick it up. Change the idea of change … (at your own discretion, of course!)

Don’t change yourself to suit the world, because the world won’t change to suit you.

x EdgyShark x

This post was written for Indiblogger ‘Time To Change!’. Click here to know more.

Hello Contracts

I started work and the worst part about the almost swanky office is that the internet never functions. Or maybe there’s a mini glitch with the DNS lookup on my laptop. Im staying with a bunch of loser girls in some random PG in some totally random part of Delhi and I cannot wait to get out of this place and into somewhere more homely with some wonderful people. But well, that’s life I guess. Well, for the next three weeks at least.

All I’ve been doing is sitting on my cute little butt all day long and studying contracts. Tomorrow, I begin with arbitration. My boss wasn’t even around today, so I just sat around and told myself that I might as well make use of the desk chair, good environment and library and study on my own if nothing else. So basically, there’s a PA who keeps bringing me food every three hours and I study and read on my own. And there’s no internet to distract me, so apart from the occasional BBM, I’m pretty much focused. I’m hoping things turn around very very soon. I’ll soon get jiggy with the advocates and try and make them take me to court. Otherwise I’m not gonna bother with the black tie syndrome and will just do whatever I want to.

x EdgyShark x

Tonight We Have The Stars


Rows of white

Lilies bled in the

Moonlight; Portraying

A beautiful cacophony of


In the darkness they dwell,

Uniting hearts and

Stirring the thoughts of those

Who sleep, sound on their

Pristine pillows.

They catch glimpses and

Run amok the pure rows,

Run wild creating

Friction so dynamic that

The universe binds itself into

One and across the realms of

Each others existence.

The numerous spirits

Applaud their courage

As they sweep back into the shadows while

Dawn approaches again.

x EdgyShark x

God Is An Entrepreneur

Did you know that long ago, somewhere on the same land that you now tread on, a bunch of rivals got together and decided to create something new, and give something to people? One man stated a theory, another based the same in his language, and a third went on to become a legend like the rest of them.

What they did was simple. Preach a theory to the lesser educated, and create philosophical views and tales that gave people food for thought; because bread was a scarcity back then.

It was a task simple enough; they gave birth to words in the dictionary as we see them today. They made their own religion, profanity, faith and belief and got the rest of the population to follow what they wanted.

Their names were Jesus, Shiv, Allah and the likes.

A billion or more years later, another bunch of people began giving birth to a new kind of belief and faith. They gave rise to technology which slowly gripped the edges of the earth and encircled it through and through. They walked the streets and launched their products, and people willingly listened and bought without any reluctance.

Their names ranged far and wide from Bell and Ramanujan to Gates and Zuckerberg. They created widespread interest in a different kind of religion and at the same time so did others like Floyd and Gandhi.


You know why they created something of their own? Because they didn’t want to follow merely what was going on without giving it any thought. How can you claim that something someone created a zillion years ago, forms the basis of your existence today? Isn’t it your turn to voice your opinion and form your own chain of thought? You do not require an agreement in tandem with your thought process from one fourth of the society that you live in. What you want to create will be your own, and if you have the power and strength to go on with it, those who are not able to, will eventually follow your line of thought in this lifetime.

Motivate them to make something of their own except for rattling out words laid down in the scripts. Those texts are there to provide your mind with some feeder, not glue.

It’s up to you.

If they are Gods, so can you be one.

x EdgyShark x

Unicorns of the Sea

A very happy sixteenth to Jenny. – B.

Who knew partying was a task in its own? But you know, sometimes, it’s probably everything that adds to it that matters. A little fun here and there, temper snapping like a loose thread, coupled with bits of my anger all over the wall.

And at the end of the day, there’s nothing like the warm comfort of a soft voice and a blanket to sum the fun up.

x EdgyShark x

Today Was A Fairytale

Well, not quite. I’ve had better PROPER fairytale days. *Reminisces*


  1. I found my jeans.
  2. I found my wallet 😀 😀
  3. I found my missing piece of mind.

x EdgyShark x


Feeling nervous is yet another feeling in it’s own.

I love the nervousness that I feel when I’m getting ready to dive into the limelight, and pour out whatever I have for the many watching me. It’s exciting, and at that moment, there’s a hurricane doing it’s rounds within my insides and even though I feel like I just might throw up at any moment, the feeling’s something that can’t be explained.

Because I love the light, the action and the joy that radiates and emanates from everywhere. But the moment you say something weird and awkward and make me feel like what the hell is going on, I feel the bad kind of apprehension. It’s flat out in your face, and I don’t like that. It’s equipped and endowed with negativity, and I don’t like that.

I’m sensitive. I know.

I’m working on it. Maybe you could too.

x EdgyShark x

The Loner

Positive attitude counts a great deal and makes you what you are. Today, I finally found out what the power of thinking can truly be. Despite having had this epiphany so late, I tried my hand at feeling good about every single moment.

But sometimes, that just doesn’t happen. However hard you try to get through the day with how much ever the bright lights of positivity, at the end you’re reminded again of how you’re all alone with those endeavours, all alone with those achievements, all alone with your happiness and pain.

Fuck, I wish you guys were here and not so far away.

Distance. Er@%#$^%*%#!@#@!$ 😥

x EdgyShark x