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I Let The Dogs Out

I’ve narrowed down the two kinds of people in this world to (brace yourselves)

  1. Dog Lovers
  2. Dog Haters

Before you continue, I don’t intend to direct this towards people who are indifferent towards these regal creatures. You could not like dogs but not hate them at the same time – I’d respect someone who just let the dogs of the world be.

I was fortunate to have a pet when I was younger, but he died. I had so many people in my family who’d just come and be all freaked out when they met Snoopy, almost like a circus clown on display. I mean, come on people! He’s just another member of the family, if we can all just chill out a little.

I think dogs are just the best things on the planet ever. The simplest pleasures that life can probably give to you are not in the form of jewellery, ladies. They’re dogs. Sweet little face lickers that can just about turn anyone’s day around.

Right here in this sordid squalid crap hole that I’m currently serving past life karmic time at, I am fortunate enough to have met the two best friends ever – Pudro and Denny. They’re more sophisticated and trained than most people I’ve ever met in my life, let alone every last person I’ve met here (except my other friends who indulge these four legged cuties along with me). They’re more polite and mindful and faithful than you’d ever imagine and my day isn’t complete without having fed them. I am greeted with more hugs and kisses by those dogs than having even endured my mum smother me when I do home runs.

As is our usual routine, J and I met to fed the dogs and play with them during dinner time after which Pudro followed me back to the dorms. In the meanwhile, as I kept playing and petting him, I was accosted by a bunch of dog haters who tried to “shoo” him away with an iron pole. (I MEAN HOW HEARTLESS IS MY STORY ALREADY?)

If that’s not enough, I was asked to stop petting the dog and stop showing compassion because “Oh there have been complaints of him biting other girls.” “PUDRO? BITING PEOPLE? LOL.”

I don’t understand why people can’t just let dogs be. I mean, if you don’t like them, just don’t come in their way. There’s one thing my dad’s taught me about animals, you can look one in the eye and just tell what it’s thinking. It’s the same with Pudro; he’s got the deepest brown kind eyes I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and I know for a fact that him, or any other dog in the world wouldn’t harm a human being unless they’re defending themselves while being attacked: Read – Dog Hater Human Losers.

Forget empathy, people here don’t even have basic manners to speak to others. But then that’s what our country’s made of, people who like to throw their potbellied weight around. (You don’t like the AIB Roast video, just don’t WATCH IT! Stop calling it vulgar comedy and making sure someone else doesn’t either! – it’s the same philosophy! Just leave the dog alone!)

Dog haters are probably in-built psychopaths – it’s like hating human beings on the general. Who does that? One man causes harm to me and I hate the entire human race? Grow UP.

I think people bite people more than dogs biting people, for sure. And by people, I mean firstly the very lady who only laid a finger on the dog because her stupid son was scared. You can’t even live and let live and you call yourself a Gandhian.

You build a darned failed university on fraudulent land in the wilderness and then claim there are dogs and cows invading it. Like hello? Can someone wake Sid up because this irony is just oozing out of my skin.

Here’s my very valuable advice Dog haters are people you should be wary of – a simple trait of just hating a dog gives you a replete insight into their personalities. These are people who make judgments based on hearsay; people who have their own notions in the air of what in the world is right and what is wrong – people who think out of their bums and most often turn out to be those who display signs of terrorism (as big or small the situation might account for – bullies, failures etc.)

Really, you’re forming an opinion about a dog that hasn’t even looked in your direction, and you’re already basing lies on the poor thing stating it’s going around biting people – also knowing fully well you can get away with whatever you say because that dog can’t even open its mouth to defend itself?

THESE are the wonderful teachers that are teaching the law today. I rest (and spit!) my case.

x EdgyShark x


Goin’ Downtown

I’m trying to have a very hard time deciding what I want to do for the start of my 20th year on this godforsaken planet. The answer’s simple, I want to do something that involves not a soul but myself because I’m really tired of everyone. There’s not a single person that I can count on without making me feel like pure balderdash about everything.

I’m done thinking every damn thing is my fault, and at this point, even if it is, I really don’t care. Gone are the days when people actually bothered or thought something highly of me. Gone are the days when people went out of their way to do something for me.

When I ask someone to get me some treasured red Dom from a duty free shop I don’t expect their reply to be ‘guess what, I’l just buy it here in India it’s not big deal’. It’s kind of a big deal when you spent hours purchasing malt for your friends and conveniently forgot about me.

It’s kind of a big deal when someone talks about every wonderful thing every individual has done to them and when it comes to me, you make a countenance expressing utmost disgust sneaking a whiff of ‘stop eating my brains out’.

Man, I sure don’t look like it, but I have feelings too. But I guess that’s the extent of my independent nature – it’s taken me to a place where I truly don’t need anyone to do anything for me. Yet I recall a hundred instances where others, no matter how un-needy they were, still had people flocking towards them like a moth to a flame.

I want to live in a world where bother is unknown and someone cares. And that care is not reduced to the likes of annoyance making me feel guilty for every wrong happened to every man on earth.

I want to be alone, so alone that I don’t hear a single voice emanating anywhere and that I have finally found peace in my mind and my heart.

For the start of my 20th year here on this godforsaken planet, I want to feel a blank space.

x EdgyShark x

Forever Is An Illusion

There’s an absolutely ridiculous social networking applied idea that came to my notice a few days back; it’s called “WTF: Women Take Forever.” At first, it was alright, even mildly hilarious because sometimes, yes, women do (myself including) take a little more time getting ready and getting out of the house. But it’s not like men aren’t lazy or apply hair products and care about their skin too. But then, the guy who owns the page sent me an e-mail asking me to blog about it and help spearhead the entire movement so that it covers the rest of the planet within some time. I understand that writing this post might seem to spearhead it in some manner, but believe you me, I’m trying to do just the opposite. So anyway, I went through the information posted there and it really disgusted me to know there are men outright insulting women for taking  a little more time. And I understand there might be some women who in all actuality, DO take forever, but there are men like that too. (Some of them, called gay.) Here goes my reply to that guy, after much thought:


I went through your page but I really don’t see how after posting a status update about women commenting you want me to feature you on my blog or wear your tshirts. In case you didn’t notice, I belong to the female gender.
Also, I really don’t think all women take so much time because some of us do understand punctuality and have work and don’t believe in Spending all our free time on the mirror. Do remember, if a woman’s taking all that time, its to look good for her man. You’re probably thinking WTF now, huh? Its not like you’ve met all the women in the world to make such a movement permanent and the jobless pricks who have commented on your page are doing it coz they’re either bored, had a tiff with a woman or just need to vent out anger. Who better to scream at than your girlfriend?

Even if we took a year to put on clothes, face it, you’d still wait because you want to and you’re cribbing just to look cool in front of the other guys.
As for a movement, I think the country’s in a lot of deep shit and you could maybe spend the waiting time thinking about something entrepreneurial which could help bring about real welfare. If that happens, you have no one but a woman to thank.

P.S the reason I took ‘long’ to reply to you was because

A) I have been travelling a lot in the last week, and also at first dismissed your mail mistaking it to be spam and

B) I spent today contemplating how you wanted me to do you this favour by insulting my species.


x EdgyShark x

Quaking Patience In Bits And Pieces

“If we weren’t unanimous about keeping our lives so much in motion, if we could do nothing for once, perhaps a greater silence would interrupt this sadness, this never understanding ourselves and threatening ourselves with death, perhaps the earth is teaching us when everything seems to be dead and then everything is alive.” – Pablo Neruda

The earth shattering, people-stirring, ground shaking earthquake in Japan’s moved the entire world, if not other planets in the galaxy, to a great extent. Suddenly, people are thinking about the 2012 movie and pledging to the grateful dead. And it got me wondering, why does every earthquake take place in Japan? Why does every tsunami or hurricane hit the worst in the Americas?

The reason simply put is this: Because there is no introspection taking place in these countries.

According to almost all kinds of sources available in the world today, Japan and the US are the two countries that have been striving to outdo each other in almost every aspect. The competition began on a personal level and went on defy boundaries on the continents. In terms of economics, social and cultural patterns, and modern technology, the fight has been going on like undefeated warriors in the arenas of the ancient Romans.

No  one wants to stop, no one is willing to put a hold on anything and give a little credit to the other. No matter how many years go by, the two countries will continue to compete and kill.

The Egyptians hold a great amount of glory for their undisputed past; Every other person in India is so well educated in terms of his roots and values if not for knowledge and learning; The reason for vanity in the Europeans is their rich culture and holding on to it all despite all the changes taking place in the world.

At least in these places, even if there is some amount of advancement taking place, people owe it to their forefathers and not jump onto the bandwagon to perfect the creation asap?

What I’m trying to say is that just like Neruda wrote (and I quoted on top)  that people are so obsessed with “being modern” and creating more and more technology that they forget the fact that they control computers and not the other way around. This has been happening the most in countries like Japan and the US.

All kinds of scope for positivity has been lost in a manner that the only kind of emotion people spread onto others is their negative retrospect about things. Plus, it’s easier to share negativity in hopes of shoving it on someone else in the process and trying to forget the bad things existed.

People in these countries do not take time out to worship nature or thank it for what it has done and are facing the green war now. There is no silence; only the buzz of engines and machinery at all times of the day.

People have forgotten what they were in the beginning of time and where they come from. They forget that their only job is to spread love and peace among mankind. When the world ends, all technology will too. But if people survive, they will be living on to the threads of love that they were given by others.

Our planet is probably trying to teach us a lesson by letting us know, that if we do not keep silent on our part, it will not as well. There’s no time being taken out to introspect within and find out the source of happiness from people. Unless people try and look inside their now turned bleak hearts, they will be able to witness the kind of sadness they have been causing themselves due to so much neglect.

Why are people NOW saying Pray For Japan? Why weren’t people praying before? Because they didn’t know the consequences of their acts then, and now they do. Every single time a calamity hits naturally, people begin to understand how important the planet is to us and then with time, soon forget that it can jolly well come back and pinch us right on the nose without us being aware.

The damage is done. The only thing they can hope for now is that the praying brings about some sort of harmony within humanity in a way that people stop trying to achieve more and more all the time. Life is not a big fucking competition, and people need to get that in their heads.

So STOP and listen to your hearts and do something nice for a change. All this vying and negativity is easy to vent out and good once in a while, but in the long run it makes you turn against yourself.

And then there’s really no coming back.

x EdgyShark x


Is it real, my imagination?
Or is it playing the heavy role of a masquerade?
The pain, it has to be. But you wouldn’t know
Would you?
It will sting you too one day because
If there’s one thing every
Person feels, it is
In whatever amount it might be, but
You see I’m not a liar
As much as you can’t help me.
Because even if it is my imagination, it
Is my pain.
And I don’t want to be healed
By you.
My life will have its own ironies, and
My pain is something you will not
I have found my source
Of Comfort. And I don’t
Need You.
Because you see, if you think
I’m lying, how do I know
For sure that you’re not?
But to put you on an honor roll by
Writing about you would be blasphemy.
So this is for all those
Who understood my
And helped to heal my mind
So it can heal
The Pain
By Itself.
x EdgyShark x

The Loner

Positive attitude counts a great deal and makes you what you are. Today, I finally found out what the power of thinking can truly be. Despite having had this epiphany so late, I tried my hand at feeling good about every single moment.

But sometimes, that just doesn’t happen. However hard you try to get through the day with how much ever the bright lights of positivity, at the end you’re reminded again of how you’re all alone with those endeavours, all alone with those achievements, all alone with your happiness and pain.

Fuck, I wish you guys were here and not so far away.

Distance. Er@%#$^%*%#!@#@!$ 😥

x EdgyShark x

Blah Alert

You know that feeling when you work your butt off and feel like you get no results?

Yeah, it’s been happening for over a week now.

x EdgyShark x

The Mango People

We’re known as the Mango People, or the ‘aam janta’. It might be a sad joke, but the reality is worse.

They say that they let us make decisions and decide the future of what is to be. I might just be one of the above, hanging from a cold and lonely tree, waiting to bloom on my own and try and make a difference. But whatever it is, it’s not happening now.

It’s the older ones, the rotten mangoes on the top that get to do everything. They’re also the ones that receive the most sunlight and are exposed to treachery and wrath. And they love it, they love everyone moment of it.

What they don’t realize is that when the tree-economy shakes from the bottom, we’re the ones that will fall first. They’re on top so that they can get caught by the leaves and branches even if they do happen to take a plunge to the bottom. They think they’ll remain there forever.

But one day, too much sunlight and happiness will bring them down. It’ll show them truly where there guns lie, squashed on the ground. And we’ll be hanging somewhere in the middle, but we’ll be happy. And even when we do fall, our succulent insides, laden with wisdom, will only help us achieve what we want – nirvana.

x EdgyShark x

He’s The Man!

Such is eccentricity. Hahaha.

x EdgyShark x

You’ve Just Won Yourself A …

Free letter from us.

I hate when the Readers’ Digest just hooks you onto one of their big prize winning lotteries. They send you such pretty postcards and letters with the most desirable and attainable of cash amounts, cars and gadgets. And you keep following up with them, to no avail. This morning, I opened up one such letter which looked like an official sealed something from the CIA.

At least I know for sure we’re not winning those 50,000 pounds of gold.

x EdgyShark x