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I Let The Dogs Out

I’ve narrowed down the two kinds of people in this world to (brace yourselves)

  1. Dog Lovers
  2. Dog Haters

Before you continue, I don’t intend to direct this towards people who are indifferent towards these regal creatures. You could not like dogs but not hate them at the same time – I’d respect someone who just let the dogs of the world be.

I was fortunate to have a pet when I was younger, but he died. I had so many people in my family who’d just come and be all freaked out when they met Snoopy, almost like a circus clown on display. I mean, come on people! He’s just another member of the family, if we can all just chill out a little.

I think dogs are just the best things on the planet ever. The simplest pleasures that life can probably give to you are not in the form of jewellery, ladies. They’re dogs. Sweet little face lickers that can just about turn anyone’s day around.

Right here in this sordid squalid crap hole that I’m currently serving past life karmic time at, I am fortunate enough to have met the two best friends ever – Pudro and Denny. They’re more sophisticated and trained than most people I’ve ever met in my life, let alone every last person I’ve met here (except my other friends who indulge these four legged cuties along with me). They’re more polite and mindful and faithful than you’d ever imagine and my day isn’t complete without having fed them. I am greeted with more hugs and kisses by those dogs than having even endured my mum smother me when I do home runs.

As is our usual routine, J and I met to fed the dogs and play with them during dinner time after which Pudro followed me back to the dorms. In the meanwhile, as I kept playing and petting him, I was accosted by a bunch of dog haters who tried to “shoo” him away with an iron pole. (I MEAN HOW HEARTLESS IS MY STORY ALREADY?)

If that’s not enough, I was asked to stop petting the dog and stop showing compassion because “Oh there have been complaints of him biting other girls.” “PUDRO? BITING PEOPLE? LOL.”

I don’t understand why people can’t just let dogs be. I mean, if you don’t like them, just don’t come in their way. There’s one thing my dad’s taught me about animals, you can look one in the eye and just tell what it’s thinking. It’s the same with Pudro; he’s got the deepest brown kind eyes I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and I know for a fact that him, or any other dog in the world wouldn’t harm a human being unless they’re defending themselves while being attacked: Read – Dog Hater Human Losers.

Forget empathy, people here don’t even have basic manners to speak to others. But then that’s what our country’s made of, people who like to throw their potbellied weight around. (You don’t like the AIB Roast video, just don’t WATCH IT! Stop calling it vulgar comedy and making sure someone else doesn’t either! – it’s the same philosophy! Just leave the dog alone!)

Dog haters are probably in-built psychopaths – it’s like hating human beings on the general. Who does that? One man causes harm to me and I hate the entire human race? Grow UP.

I think people bite people more than dogs biting people, for sure. And by people, I mean firstly the very lady who only laid a finger on the dog because her stupid son was scared. You can’t even live and let live and you call yourself a Gandhian.

You build a darned failed university on fraudulent land in the wilderness and then claim there are dogs and cows invading it. Like hello? Can someone wake Sid up because this irony is just oozing out of my skin.

Here’s my very valuable advice Dog haters are people you should be wary of – a simple trait of just hating a dog gives you a replete insight into their personalities. These are people who make judgments based on hearsay; people who have their own notions in the air of what in the world is right and what is wrong – people who think out of their bums and most often turn out to be those who display signs of terrorism (as big or small the situation might account for – bullies, failures etc.)

Really, you’re forming an opinion about a dog that hasn’t even looked in your direction, and you’re already basing lies on the poor thing stating it’s going around biting people – also knowing fully well you can get away with whatever you say because that dog can’t even open its mouth to defend itself?

THESE are the wonderful teachers that are teaching the law today. I rest (and spit!) my case.

x EdgyShark x


Catch a Fallen Star, Put It In Your Pocket.

Will I forever remain so unsynchronized with my head and all of rationality? Will you accept that about me?

I’m sitting on this half-heartedly constructed rectangular concrete pillar on the terrace, letting my soul wither away in the gentle winter chill. The time calls for nature just about touching dusk; my favourite time of day. I love the light, I love it when the light’s just beginning to say goodbye. I love how the sky craves and turns scarlet, begging the light to not go. As I sit here, allowing the gentle wind to whisper through strands of my hair, I can hear the sky and I can feel how overwhelmed it’s getting. If I quieten my thoughts and squint my eyes in deep concentration, I can almost barely make out how the sky’s being forced to turn orange, and then brown, and then slowly, the clouds sift past.

I smile.

I smile to myself as shades of indigo seep in like repeated waves of the ocean. The light will be back, I tell the sky. I don’t want the light to go either, but I’ll be patiently waiting because I know I love the light too much and it will learn that.

And maybe this sadistic turn of events makes me happy because I know what it feels like to be reunited. To meet someone after feeling like you’ve been momentarily torn apart; to be told that you’re not. I know that feeling. You make me feel that feeling.

I’m still sitting there, smiling like a fool. There’s vast expanse of land in front of my eyes, just an open canvas. And in all that space, in all that wondrous atmosphere plays a slideshow of images from my memories. I’m navigating through the clouds, and all I can see is you. I see you, and I see smidgens of moments transiently flipping through, but most of all, I see your resplendent aura, gazing into mine. Just a half of these dozen last months, my home, the new city, the missing puzzle pieces, that feel like forever. And every conjecture will be.

And as far back as these images go, I see you. And there is no more. And then there’s a stroke of lightning that lights up the sky. And there’s my rainbow.

And then the stars, they burn. Some even fall to the earth.

You’re so beautiful; too beautiful for words. And I am afraid that if I touch you, then you will shatter. And all I am, will shatter.

Dear God, I ask for strength.

To be and to love so much more than what I think I can. That is all.

x EdgyShark x


I’m OUT!

I’m free and I feel SO great. Talking to my mom makes everything in the world awesome again. There’s sunlight on my window pane and colours streaming in through my eyes. No more sadness, especially not over something that I wasn’t able to do! Big shit, I’ll do it again. Jobs got chucked out of his own company and then karma hit everyone later.

Besides this small little thing doesn’t even define who I am ! All the crying’s done, killed some zombies to take my frustration off, meditated, all that jazz.

Now it’s finally time to get down on my butt and bring my appetite back.

x EdgyShark x

P.S If you’re ever feeling downtrodden, just drop in a hint and I’ll be there to the rescue. ‘Coz that’s what sharks do! (Eat all the bullshit, in case you were wondering :P)

Bleeding Blue!

There’s so much positivity in India today!!

Apparently, there are a billion people in this country who would, if not for passing a law or attaining some kind of justice, happily bleed all their blood away to watch the cricket team bring home the World Cup.

What is it about this crazy sport that binds every Indian to the core and helps them meet eye to eye? Cricket surpasses everything in this country, even the things that otherwise boil the blood of every man living here and make him go violent; religion, competition, politics, survival – you name it and cricket any day weighs heavier on the scale.

It’s crazy, the spirit catches on. I’m happy to know that at least there are some things in life that remain common among a person’s roots. And despite people forgetting these values as they grow up, there are some more aesthetic things like cricket that join them back together and transform every Indian into each other’s kin as he was meant to be.

We’re actually bleeding blue for the royal spirit of humanity.

Even if for half a day, it’s amazing how people forget hatred; they forget all kinds of barriers conflicting their hearts that tear them away from each other; they forget about the differences of opinion and just let things be. People bring back their lost smiles.

And that’s what makes me happy.

x EdgyShark x

Flyin’ High

I love airplanes. I think they’re one of man’s greatest inventions. Actually, I like the whole feel of being even close to an airport. The drive to the airport’s always fun, the entire atmosphere of an airport is so exciting, it gives me a sugar rush. Sometimes, when inside a craft, I wish I just stay there high in the air and keep enjoying the music on my laptop without any interference. (Except, I’ve never been on those crazy trans-continental flights, so I think I should stop wishing to be stuck in mid air!)

But then, I love it when people arrive, or I go somewhere else. And wander.

Have a happy touchdown.

x EdgyShark x

Trying Not To Drown

But it’s the irony of life; even though we want to live every moment so deeply and profoundly within ourselves and the people we love, we end up hurting exactly those by giving in to society’s whims and fancies about what should be and what is not.

x EdgyShark x


God Is An Entrepreneur

Did you know that long ago, somewhere on the same land that you now tread on, a bunch of rivals got together and decided to create something new, and give something to people? One man stated a theory, another based the same in his language, and a third went on to become a legend like the rest of them.

What they did was simple. Preach a theory to the lesser educated, and create philosophical views and tales that gave people food for thought; because bread was a scarcity back then.

It was a task simple enough; they gave birth to words in the dictionary as we see them today. They made their own religion, profanity, faith and belief and got the rest of the population to follow what they wanted.

Their names were Jesus, Shiv, Allah and the likes.

A billion or more years later, another bunch of people began giving birth to a new kind of belief and faith. They gave rise to technology which slowly gripped the edges of the earth and encircled it through and through. They walked the streets and launched their products, and people willingly listened and bought without any reluctance.

Their names ranged far and wide from Bell and Ramanujan to Gates and Zuckerberg. They created widespread interest in a different kind of religion and at the same time so did others like Floyd and Gandhi.


You know why they created something of their own? Because they didn’t want to follow merely what was going on without giving it any thought. How can you claim that something someone created a zillion years ago, forms the basis of your existence today? Isn’t it your turn to voice your opinion and form your own chain of thought? You do not require an agreement in tandem with your thought process from one fourth of the society that you live in. What you want to create will be your own, and if you have the power and strength to go on with it, those who are not able to, will eventually follow your line of thought in this lifetime.

Motivate them to make something of their own except for rattling out words laid down in the scripts. Those texts are there to provide your mind with some feeder, not glue.

It’s up to you.

If they are Gods, so can you be one.

x EdgyShark x

Sisterhood of Travelling Blasts

I have the worst headache in the history of headaches, or so I think. Except, well, now I feel like it’s some kind of a hangover, but I didn’t even drink anything last night. At least I should have, and then it could have been justified.

But I think I know what I have.

It’s called. “I miss my sisters and all the fun we had” syndrome.

L-R: Vanessa, Blair, Jenny, Serena

I’m hungover from all the amazing times we shared last week.

Here’s to all the past-present-future Gossip Girl blasts, to Kamil and Bush’s shaky future (:P), to the dancing and the wild music (On & On & On & On!), the fun, the late nights and staying awake talking, the punching and hitting each other, the tears, the random crazy sentences, the “Im gonna miss you’s!”, the boots, the beers, the “DO NOT LET ME TOUCH THE HOOKAH” and there you go with a puff(!), the fainting and the feeling dizzy ( I think it was all the attention we were receiving from the other species 😛 ), the bitching and the all the glamour.

I love you girls so much and I don’t care how much we might kill each other, but we’ve got to spend some time living together !

x EdgyShark x


A lil bit of the Peggy Lee song definitely.

Anger towards the fact that those who deserve justice and a better means of living (close to me) are not getting so.  Fever, oh fever. Coupled with a headache and nothing seems to be helping.

I’m telling you love, everything will eventually be alright. 🙂

x EdgyShark x

Too Little Time, Too Much Drama

I feel like I’m running against time again, and guess what? It’s these times that are the most fun! I’m leaving for vacation in two days, and there’s just so much to be bought and so much else to be done. I can’t believe I’m finally going to be leaving for a good three weeks of fun and a crazy long extended weekend.

Jinx and I’ve promised to do all kinds of crap this time, meet all kinds of random people, which include all our “friends” that live there on the facebook friend list, go crazy shopping, and explore all kinds of new places on our own. Okay, the last part is just me, but then I’m sure I’ll make the others do it with me too 🙂 I can’t wait to sit by the beautiful sunrise yet again at PDP, hike down different roads and meet different people. Experiment with newer things and have some good, pure, fun.

And something tells me that this trip to Mumbai is going to be the best yet 😀

All that, and the drama too.

x EdgyShark x