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I want to be looked at like I’m magic.

No matter what the time of day,

No matter where your thoughts sashay.

I want to be thought of like I’m a gleam of summer

In a patch of snow.

When you turn a peachy cheek as the wind billows,

And your lips softly slink into a smile.

I want to be looked at

Like I look at you.

x EdgyShark x


Too Little Time, Too Much Drama

I feel like I’m running against time again, and guess what? It’s these times that are the most fun! I’m leaving for vacation in two days, and there’s just so much to be bought and so much else to be done. I can’t believe I’m finally going to be leaving for a good three weeks of fun and a crazy long extended weekend.

Jinx and I’ve promised to do all kinds of crap this time, meet all kinds of random people, which include all our “friends” that live there on the facebook friend list, go crazy shopping, and explore all kinds of new places on our own. Okay, the last part is just me, but then I’m sure I’ll make the others do it with me too 🙂 I can’t wait to sit by the beautiful sunrise yet again at PDP, hike down different roads and meet different people. Experiment with newer things and have some good, pure, fun.

And something tells me that this trip to Mumbai is going to be the best yet 😀

All that, and the drama too.

x EdgyShark x

Karthik Could Have Called Me

I was going to write about how ridiculous the movie was, but I have something better to do.

Rock On – Where’s the Off button anyway?

Wake Up Sid – But what if he’s dead?

My Name Is Khan – Then what’s your surname?

Teen Patti – Where are the teen patnis? (Hahahaha)

Click – And then upload.

My Brother Nikhil – My sister … I lost interest.

Chandni Chowk To China – And the return ticket?

Dulha Mil Gaya  – Chalo dulhan ko khojte hai.

P.S Vaibhav says: What will the sequel of Karthik Calling Karthik be called?

Answer: Karthik Redialing.

x EdgyShark x

Supermarket Woes

Starr and I walked into the supermarket today with limited cash. So I told her that when I start earning, I’ll let her and Ezzie buy whatever they want to, no restrictions.

It’s so hard to pick a something to drink when you’re thirsty. Especially when you’re thirsty for that one unique thing, but you don’t even know what it is, and it’s just driving you crazy to look at a fifty different options in front of you in one of those huge supermarket refrigerators.

And that’s not all.

The same happens with chips too.

“Pa, I want to drink something.”
“So? Drink something.”
“Umm, I’m sick of coke and all that. I want to have something new.” “Cranberry juice?”
“Waah, where is it?”
“I’ll get you some.”
“Alright, I’ll make myself a cosmpolitan. Get me sprite too.” (Very faintly..”And some Vodka.”)
“Yeah, alright. Umm… No.”

And even after you pick something, you’re still not satiated. And that makes it all the more worse. So like I wanna go to Delhi, ummm.. now?! Maybe if I start running, I’ll reach by the 28th and that would be awesome.

Just my luck.

See, I told you I’m a schizo.

x EdgyShark x

What, you still didn’t get it?

Riders On The Storm

This weekend was pretty good. I shoved all work aside, and just rested my brain cells while having absolutely no regrets for doing the same either.

The break that we took during theatre today was something really nice. Just doing your thing while listening to The Doors and Floyd in a nice big hall with nothing to worry about is something I’ve been waiting to do for a long time.

And I can borrow Avisek’s amazing cd collection, yay! Also, he’s inspired me to make one of my own with the best music, so even though I’m not really a cd person, I’m going to make myself one. Then get my own laptop within a month, and play my music. And then maybe get my own car in a couple of years and listen to the music there on long drives. Yes, I will drive 😛

After that, the big bang would be when I have my own apartment so that I can just play my music all the time.  I’m SO excited, I can hardly wait!

Also, I’m loving my role for the play. A schizophrenic Bourgeoisie brat, haha!

Jinx picked me up, and we went to a number of places. Thought we might as well abuse our car powers since we had a hot car, a chauffeur and no one to interfere 😀

First stop Pepper Tree. Then Mama Mia we tried the Irish coffee cake and a strawberry cheesecake over some really emotional talk that made us both cry so we decided to laugh a little instead by changing the subject to hairstyles or something trivial like that.

After taking our cappuccinos we decided to move to the Cream and Fudge Factory where we met with one of her chink friends. Very cute. xD

I finally decided that this city has a lack of good waffles, hot men, and great clothes.

Shopping for Jinxie’s parents was next on the agenda after which we walked some bazillion blocks to get to Kookie Jar for a nice truffle cake.

Like a dog without a bone and an actor on the run, riders on the storm. x

EdgyShark x

I Gotta Feeling!

Digveer said, “Whatever you do, be sure to have a bitchin’ (21st century word for awesome) girls night out.” Because it’s not worth it whining about the men. Men, eh well, they come and go. But you need your girls. Which is kinda true. ❤

Ezz, Starr, PJ and myself began by causing a hurricane worse than Kat in the room, with clothes and bags and shoes and lingerie and make up products and what not, everywhere. Which was actually fun till Pa walked in and (yeah, I was surprised) didn’t say anything. Which made me feel like I’m being too much of Naomi, leaving the state within the four walls that way. Heh.

But hey, I resolved to be like Naomi, with the “Hello There, Darling.. Hahaha *Fake Laughter*” and was being her, very well. Until Starr got freaked out by my impersonation. And since I don’t really have Chanel jewellery ..

Kyros was at Venom, so after a heavy amount of dressing to make ourselves feel great, we reached, and traipsed around and then went in afterward after picking up Jinx. (And again apologising about the jeans. 😦 )

Dancing, and dancing. Dancing and more dancing 😀

I wanted to dance to Gabriel Antonio, so I kinda wrote “DUDE! I Love The Way You Wind It!” on my cellphone to show it to the DJ so that he would play it. But if you just read that line, he kinda thought I was telling him I loved the way he wound it. Silly me.

Booze was expensive, and us board members of Kinesis didn’t even get anything on the house 😛

Could’ve been better though. All I wanted to do was get up on the ledge and pole dance. Ehh, if only it was a private partay. With my friends 😀



Assamese tea, tastes good, Snape. 😉

My toes are jammed. And it’s my twin’s birthday in a few minutes. Happy Birthday, love x

Pranay and Pragya, great fun dancing with you guys 😀



Jinxie, honey. You’re fun! And so are you PJ, although you already know how stoned you get at time lol!

We  did have a bitchin’ time. Girls and guys!

In the end, it sure does all work out. Don’t bother about what’s gonna happen. Live with the present, it’s a hell lot better than what you’d expect it to be. *grins*

x EdgyShark x

Absolut Absinthe

I took the “What Liquor Are You” quiz on facebook, just for the kicks, and apparently, I’m a classy  Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. “Definitely a classic, you adapt to all situations—from quiet nights to loud parties–you fit in! While you have a feisty side, there is something unmistakably smooth about your character.”


And Tequila’s probably have the same description. So what liquor do you think you would be? Even though this is silly. (Or not 😛 )

Here are a couple of results that turned out to be quite true, I guess:

  • Jinx :

Bombay Sapphire Gin

You are Bombay Sapphire Gin! Indistinguishable from all others, you are an acquired taste. You are discerning, elegant and gentle. However, there is a lot of fire if one would take the time to look.

  • Syd :

Lucid Absinthe Superieure

You are Lucid Absinthe Superieure! You have a mysterious lure about you. You see things from a different perspective. You are a multi-layered, complex individual, with a soft, delicate side. However, there is a side of you that is dark.

Comment liquor? 🙂

x EdgyShark x

Jinx(ed) Afternoon

An afternoon out with Jinx always turns out to be something exactly other than what you’d expect it to be. Sometimes annoyingly irritating, and at times pretty interesting. So yesterday after really trying hard to solve a single sum based on journal accounts and not succeeding, we just put our books away and decided to give some gallavanting a try.

First stop, the worst (arguably, the best) mall in Calcutta, in terms of mall rats and snob crowds of course, Forum. Where all the apathetic beings roam at all points of the day. We agreed to try out a hindi movie called “Love Aaj Kal” to give ourselves a laugh. Alas, the tickets were sold out.

And something tells me that was probably a good thing. Since I haven’t watched a hindi movie in so long, no point breaking that record.

After bugging Syd at least thrice as to whether he could join or us or vice versa, we just came to the conclusion then to “hit the road” and see where it took us. So we walked. And walked a little more.

Jinx On A Sugar Rush

Jinx then chooses to flood me with her pancake and crepe cravings. So we enter Piccadilly Square despite me telling her that the crepes SUCK beyond no measure. I mean, you’d rather go to Crepes Station to eat crepes, although I have no idea what they are like, over there.

I think crepes suck, like generally speaking.

She kept going on and on about how scrumptious mushroom crepes could be, so we just ordered it alongwith French De La Creme pancakes. And I thought that would turn out to be something exsquisite covered in a number of dark coloured sauces. And when the waited brought the dish, it was actually looking like a six year old’s Piccadilly special lunch.

Two tiny pancakes topped with oozing amounts of white vanilla sauce and rainbow sprinkles on top. What a pretty picture! *squeals!*


Piccadilly Square


*Hits self for squealing.*

And since we had the car completely to ourselves, we decided to explore our opportunities and make the best of the evening. Of course, given no time constraints we’d have just asked the chauffeur to drive to another city, but we had to limit ourselves to the central side, i.e. Park and Russel Street.

Dominoes was next on the list, with the both of us trying to choke down the taste of the very horrible crepe and candied pancakes with the help of overdoses of garlic bread and jalapeno dips.

And by the end of it, we landed up at my favourite alcove, the Cha Bar at Oxford with iced tea and cappuccinos, where we sat talking and laughing about the worst jokes you’d ever have heard.

The Cappuccino

Fake Intellectual Thinking

Next time we’ll do something a little more challenging, Jinx. =]

x EdgyShark x