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  1. frekin’ awesome articles!

    Hey wanted to ask you something..m the co-founder of Fo’Sizzle “teen” magazine(paperback) , we’ll launch our second issue(chck out our first issue
    with 5000 mags in print by end of sept..we’ve jst completed a site to for

    Nw i won’t go into details here , jst wanted to ask would you write for us you can check more bout us @

    Contact me directly on my email acc
    we can discuss details there if you’re interested

    u can also have a luk at our fb Group page!/group.php?gid=327135202593&ref=ts

  2. Hi there!

    Lovely blog! Great design. Looked a bit cluttered when I first looked at it but it’s a great design. The background image is just brilliant. A different font and a slightly bigger one would be perfect. Don’t know why I’m saying these things like you asked me to review your blog.

    I was just browsing blogs based on keywords and happened to see yours. Good work!

  3. Am already a fan of yours. Great imagination. Cheers

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