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That Time Of The Month

Really, what are you being able to decipher regarding this post from the title above?

The fact that I’m down with scarlet fever? Haha. There are four times in a year that my fears return. Those are the times when I have to give my Informatics Practices papers. Because I honestly don’t know what to do even though I try and read the chapters. No concepts like I mentioned before, and it’s not getting me anywhere. Everytime I decide to sit down, something else comes up, and since I don’t understand anything anyway, I don’t even pretend to give it a shot.

So long, and so forth.

Like right now, I’d rather write about my misfortune and vent it out here than open that hideous text book and see what’s written there. But this time will be different. It has to be different.

And other than that, since you’ve noticed that there hasn’t been much going on around here, I might as well tell you that my Creative Think Tank has consumed as much thought and reached the level of maximum satisfaction and utility for sometime. But then, the recession-recovery cycle’s going to continue as soon as my Creative Think Tank Speed Racer comes back to life and gives me some of it as well.

Keep it on the edge.

x EdgyShark x


One !

357 posts, 1004 comments, 311 fans, 22375 hits.

I’m PROUD to be the EdgyShark ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Not only to me, but also to you because you’re the boost of energy that has kept me writing all this while and I hope to give this Shark a long, long life ๐Ÿ™‚

x EdgyShark x

Prudence, It Used To Be

It’s possible, I do have the capacity to break into a rant after all this time, AGAIN.

I’d promised all of you that I’d be writing regularly, no matter what part of the world I am in. Although, even if it isn’t safe to say that I’ve burdened with balanced amounts of fun and work, I will have to because no other excuse seems liable enough to fund off parts of my ego to you on this very requited portal.

Mumbai’s been great, and there’s still a week left. What with the racing back home and not sitting down to play interesting board games with the rest of my cousins because of an overload of content writing, dancing the nights away at clubs, chilling (and killing!), it’s been a crazy summer. Yet, a week’s left, and I would bet every rupee that I made, that it’s still going to get better than this.

Well, while we’re still here.

Something I miss out on is the fact that I haven’t been able to go exploring on my own as yet. I’d thought about this sometime back as well, but it just didn’t happen. Maybe this week. If not, then I’m coming back again. I’ve got great ideas waiting to be exploited, a crazy looking hairdo and an exciting atmosphere that sustains the highest levels of astonishment around me.

And nothing could get better than that.

x EdgyShark x

Weekly Contest Winner #2

Winning Comment:

SaintGenie on Never Say Goodbye:

Whoa! Every other time that I read your blogs, I canโ€™t help but notice how youโ€™re maturing at almost super โ€“ sonic speeds. Feels like ages have passed since I spoke to on the phone on New Yearโ€™s. Which waters was the Shark in then? And where is she now? I agree with #3. This is intense. But its so true as well.
Emotions are generally tricky to deal with, requiring just the right amount of sentimentality, the delicate touch as well the pin-prick that forces you to think.
I loved it!
Bravo, love!

Congratulations SaintGenie, you have won yourself a post on whatever you want. Seriously, anything you want written, and I’ll come up with some awesome thoughts. Sorry, it’s not a tangible award.

Also, Sharkians please note that the reward you get depends on the post that you’ve commented on. Say, if the winning comment had been for Male Chauvinist Pigs, I might have presented the winner with a printing press ๐Ÿ˜›

Be Edgy.

x EdgyShark x

Weekly Contest

Lately, I’ve been getting some really cool comments on the blog. So I decided to have ย a weekly contest for the best comment throughout the week, I think that was quite obvious if you paid enough non-diverted attention to the caption.

I don’t think I have to elaborate more, but if you are interested, then it all started with this comment: “You don’t get high by having polo and water. Don’t come up with retarded ideas on your blog,” thrown in by Maha Kali.

It cracked me up to the extent of this brainwave, so good for you. Which also means that how much ever nonsense I type in here, you need to surpass the level and beat me enough to be proclaimed the winner of this weekly thing.

Week starts every Sunday, and the winning comment will be announced Saturday night! Here’s your chance to criticize, be witty and sharp.

Have fun, keep reading, and be Edgy!

x EdgyShark x


There’s just this something that makes your day even more: You come back, switch on your laptop, and are greeted with a huge number of mails in your inbox with comments that people left on your blog.

The Fallacy Of Existence

So this is for all you guys, who read, like, love, hate, criticize, and leave all kinds of comments out here. And it’s wonderful to know that you’re sitting and typing your heart out in your cosy little room, and someone, somewhere in another part of the country is reading it. It’s amazing to know that I can touch people’s hearts with my writing.

And since you really liked the previous post from my Cliff-Hangers section, I guess I’ll make it a series on popular demand ๐Ÿ™‚ Just for you.

Keep reading, keep commenting, and be edgy xx

x EdgyShark x

One Hundred Minions Can’t Take Us Down

“You are drunk on me.



(A happy hundred.)

x EdgyShark x

‘Morning :)

Good morning, fellow Sharkians! Here’s a quick reminder for all you regular ones, heck even the not so regular ones:

* The widget’s been refreshed and now it’s got some six Boyce Avenue covers, Priscilla Ahn, and songs from across the globe: French, Spanish, German, Korean(!). I’m getting into my worldly phase again, so.

* Do comment! Without your comments, I’m just on my own.. And if you’re having trouble commenting, (I’ve had such queries before,) you’ve just got to click on the required post, and there’s a Leave Your Reply box at the bottom.

* I also have ratings now. If you don’t feel like commenting, you can just click on the particular post, and rate it as many stars as you want.

* The tag-cloud’s also recent. Surf The Sarcasm!

* Don’t forget to leave me an IM on the Meebo widget if you’ve got any suggestions or comments or anything!

Have a great day. Be edgy.

x EdgyShark x

‘Morning :)

Hello there fellow Sharkians =]

It’ll probably be a great day ahead for all of us.
Anyway, here are a couple of reminders for you:

^ There’s a Social Vibe widget on the side bar of this page and all you have to do is click the “Help Now, it’s free” button to help save the endagered whales. Do it, it’s for a cause. Plus, how could you visit the EdgyShark’s page and not help the whales?!

^ Click your favourite option(s) on the three polls that have been set up as of now!

^ You can now leave the EdgyShark offline messages via meebo (which is also located on the side bar. You don’t have to have a meebo id or login or take any trouble of that sort, just leave IM’s !)

^ There’s also a Platial Map powered by Google, and you can check out anything anywhere in the world on that. All kinds of things, search for entertainment, food, movies (whatever you want!) on the globe.

^ Also, don’t forget to be on the lookout for boxnet.file sharing, where I upload all kinds of videos, music, e-books and what not, for your downloads. If you want a certain e-book or anything, just leave me a message!


x EdgyShark x