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I Let The Dogs Out

I’ve narrowed down the two kinds of people in this world to (brace yourselves)

  1. Dog Lovers
  2. Dog Haters

Before you continue, I don’t intend to direct this towards people who are indifferent towards these regal creatures. You could not like dogs but not hate them at the same time – I’d respect someone who just let the dogs of the world be.

I was fortunate to have a pet when I was younger, but he died. I had so many people in my family who’d just come and be all freaked out when they met Snoopy, almost like a circus clown on display. I mean, come on people! He’s just another member of the family, if we can all just chill out a little.

I think dogs are just the best things on the planet ever. The simplest pleasures that life can probably give to you are not in the form of jewellery, ladies. They’re dogs. Sweet little face lickers that can just about turn anyone’s day around.

Right here in this sordid squalid crap hole that I’m currently serving past life karmic time at, I am fortunate enough to have met the two best friends ever – Pudro and Denny. They’re more sophisticated and trained than most people I’ve ever met in my life, let alone every last person I’ve met here (except my other friends who indulge these four legged cuties along with me). They’re more polite and mindful and faithful than you’d ever imagine and my day isn’t complete without having fed them. I am greeted with more hugs and kisses by those dogs than having even endured my mum smother me when I do home runs.

As is our usual routine, J and I met to fed the dogs and play with them during dinner time after which Pudro followed me back to the dorms. In the meanwhile, as I kept playing and petting him, I was accosted by a bunch of dog haters who tried to “shoo” him away with an iron pole. (I MEAN HOW HEARTLESS IS MY STORY ALREADY?)

If that’s not enough, I was asked to stop petting the dog and stop showing compassion because “Oh there have been complaints of him biting other girls.” “PUDRO? BITING PEOPLE? LOL.”

I don’t understand why people can’t just let dogs be. I mean, if you don’t like them, just don’t come in their way. There’s one thing my dad’s taught me about animals, you can look one in the eye and just tell what it’s thinking. It’s the same with Pudro; he’s got the deepest brown kind eyes I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and I know for a fact that him, or any other dog in the world wouldn’t harm a human being unless they’re defending themselves while being attacked: Read – Dog Hater Human Losers.

Forget empathy, people here don’t even have basic manners to speak to others. But then that’s what our country’s made of, people who like to throw their potbellied weight around. (You don’t like the AIB Roast video, just don’t WATCH IT! Stop calling it vulgar comedy and making sure someone else doesn’t either! – it’s the same philosophy! Just leave the dog alone!)

Dog haters are probably in-built psychopaths – it’s like hating human beings on the general. Who does that? One man causes harm to me and I hate the entire human race? Grow UP.

I think people bite people more than dogs biting people, for sure. And by people, I mean firstly the very lady who only laid a finger on the dog because her stupid son was scared. You can’t even live and let live and you call yourself a Gandhian.

You build a darned failed university on fraudulent land in the wilderness and then claim there are dogs and cows invading it. Like hello? Can someone wake Sid up because this irony is just oozing out of my skin.

Here’s my very valuable advice Dog haters are people you should be wary of – a simple trait of just hating a dog gives you a replete insight into their personalities. These are people who make judgments based on hearsay; people who have their own notions in the air of what in the world is right and what is wrong – people who think out of their bums and most often turn out to be those who display signs of terrorism (as big or small the situation might account for – bullies, failures etc.)

Really, you’re forming an opinion about a dog that hasn’t even looked in your direction, and you’re already basing lies on the poor thing stating it’s going around biting people – also knowing fully well you can get away with whatever you say because that dog can’t even open its mouth to defend itself?

THESE are the wonderful teachers that are teaching the law today. I rest (and spit!) my case.

x EdgyShark x


Who’s Sitting Next To You?

Personally, it’s really important for me to know that I have a smartass sitting next to me when I’m doing something worthy. (That includes every moment I’m living, so.) I mean, isn’t it important for you to share the air you’re breathing, temporarily, with someone who has what it takes to make your brain jingle? Either with their looks, appeal or smart talking and thoughts.

Exam week’s on in Rawr-town and every time I go sit to write a paper, I always wonder who’s going to be sitting next to me. Yesterday, we had roll numbers 91 to 170 along with the third years sitting in our room. And really, having a fake cine star sit behind you is really unnerving because he makes you undergo utter nonsense in your head while you’re really trying to concentrate on Thomas Hobbes and the Social Contract Theory. Also, since I was sitting in the first row, it became important for me to show off my paper and make it look like a rainbow so that people around me (and behind me) get all nervous about their bland sheets and lack of salt to sprinkle. 😀 (I know that for a fact because Utsav came to me after and said, wow you’re paper was pretty. Like a pretty meadow. :P)

So anyway, today, I had a smart girl sit next to me, but then looks can be deceiving because she turned out to furtively glance here and there and copy answers off of other people. Really, turned me off. So much so that I finished my paper off and gave it up within an hour of its inception.

Even on flights, it’s always fun to have someone of interest sit next to you. But then how can you expect someone to just begin ranting off and show their non complacency in thinking? It takes a really socially outgoing person to do that, and we’re not all like that, myself included, when I’m busy PMS-ing, at least.

But wouldn’t it be nice if people were all outgoing and talking to each other and getting to know what lay in the other person’s mind? Because yes, according to a social experiment carried out by me, we do have the same thoughts. More on that later.

Yeah well, I’m being as normative as the solution written for the balance of governmental expenditures. I have to deflate the answer sheet tomorrow, during economics, thank you very much 😀

x EdgyShark

It’s Called A Revival

I understand that to most of you it might have seemed as if I’d have evaporated off the top of the stratosphere because I’ve been missing in (shark) action for the last six months of this year. But yeah, a lot’s been going on and it has come to my notice that since a lot of you have written to me asking me to begin blogging again, I found that this entire exercise does provide me with a moment of solace during the course of the day.

Furthermore, Jazz was bought for this reason. 😀

So hello children.

It’s been a roller coaster ride, the last half year since April 4th. I attained independence on the 4th of July (very ironic, I know!) as I moved to a small town, let’s just call it RAWR-town, and I’ve done a lot of shit since then. For obvious reasons the same cannot be posted for fear of causing reasonable apprehension in the minds of people, also known in tort terms as assault.

Grades are good, life is good. My social calendar is like a bad man’s karma, keeps coming back to slap me on my face. I guess that’s what the latent definition of college is anyway.

At this point, this post is a shout out to let you know my Jaws are back in full form and that despite the crazed abdomen pains that I have been suffering from for the last few weeks, I will be here, writing. Because obviously, since I can’t move around and do much, I might as well wave my fins in and around this sphere.

So long. No more waits. And there’s a lot more in store.

x EdgyShark x

P.S. To my stalker, I don’t give a damn about you anymore, but if I figure that you’re stealing anything that belongs to me intellectually, then you’re doomed. And I mean it. My IPR course wasn’t randomly for 8 credits gone down the drain. So beware. And it’s called a second chance not a twenty-second chance.