The Work-time Adventures

It’s mostly been a normal day at work, except His Highness showed his face in today and so I had to be on my professional best. I’ve had stuff to work on, and he called me into his torture chamber an hour ago to ask me for a 411 on the Taj Cor******l case I’ve got my hands on. Except, I don’t know how cool it is to display the secrecy to which I’ve been sworn, thus the above’s in asterisks. BEAR.

I have a telephone to myself. It’s kinda cool too, I have an intercom number for myself and His Highness just called me to ask me something on it! And then I thought, that’s the coolest thing that’s happened by far, except for having  a mini brain slip on the metro while remembering the station I had to get down on, so let’s BLOG about it!

On another note, I met a whole bunch of family members after a long time yesterday and they were amazed as to HOW MUCH weight I’ve lost. Which is a pretty awesome thing, but it’s kinda scary because just last week I was wearing my belt on hole number 3 and today I’ve had to push it back to number 5.

Yeah, I’m really trying to up my life happenings a little. Maybe I’ll watch Breaking Dawn on the weekend and then pull all my hair out.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. This is so cool. The new look as well as this piece.

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